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Location of Talon within Etrand
StateKingdom of Etrand
Ethnicitiespredominately Humans (95.2%)
Established-Before 0 AEKE (originally)
-43 AEKE (rebuilding after the Orcish Invasion of Etrand)
-275 AEKE (rebuilding after the Long Raid)
Destroyed-35 AEKE (Orcish Invasion of Etrand)
-273 AEKE (The Long Raid)
Points of interestLamrion

Talon (Etrandish: Talon ; IPA: [tʰɑlɔn~tʰɑlɔʊ̯̃] Gnome-speakernotes.png) is a village or small town in Southern Etrand, the second largest settlement in Southern Etrand next to Copperport. The town is separated in two by the River Golea.


The origins of town's name are still shrouded in mystery, Talon was first settled by Human farmers some time between 800 BEKE and 0 AEKE. Before the Orcs destroyed Talon in 35 AEKE, it was a walled village, it had a stone church. After the settlement was destroyed by Orcish raiders, it wouldn't be rebuilt until eight years later, in 43 AEKE. The new Talon would prosper and grow, nearly growing into a city in the next two centuries. The new Talon was so rich that the inhabitants could even afford stone walls.

In 273, Talon was destroyed once again, by Edhel of the Drmiah clan. Under the violent assault of the would-be city, the stone walls were utterly destroyed and only a minority of structures were left intact - the stone church miraculously survived, although it was left in ruins and serves as a place of pilgrimage. Most of the population was massacred by the raiders, and those who were not either ran for their lives or tried to make due as the raiders left the ruins of Talon. What was left of the formerly proud city's population was a bunch of traumatized starving people desperate to seek their living elsewhere.

What dies fast receives its rebirth fast - just two years after Talon was tragically destroyed, it an effort to rebuild it started again. The Curughi family, a family of yeomen settled just a few kilometres away from the original settlement, establishing current Talon. The new Talon started out as a humble farmstead, but soon, others would join and start turning the newly-established hamlet into a village, then the village into a small town.

Talon today has a church, wooden walls, an inn, and a relatively content population. While it is a stable community, Talon is still but a small town, yet to regain her former glory.



The total population of Talon as of 831 AEKE is 1,493.

Race Amount Percentage
Humans 1,422 95.24%
Lizardmen 7 0.47%
Half-Elves 22 1.47%
Orcs 23 1.54%
Wood Elves 9 0.6%
Half-Orcs 10 0.67%


Talon is predominately Titanist. The small number of Wood Elves who live in Talon practice the Cult of Nature.

Class and wealth

Known residents