Reyanna Rýger

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Reyanna Rýger
Reyanna Ryger.png
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Warrior
Birth 9th of Tyelcartel, 810 AEKE
Age 21 in Artograchian years,
21 in Terran years (as of 831 AEKE, 10th of Edhealasse)
Religion Titanist Religion.svg Titanism
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
First appearence Ways of Darkness (FRPG)
Designed by László Dornfeld
Reyanna Rýger's sword

Reyanna Rýger (Etrandish: Reyanna Rýger ; IPA: [rɛjɑnːɐ‿ryːd͡ʒəɹ] Gnome-speakernotes.png), origianlly born as Elna (Etrandish: Elna ; IPA: [ɛłnɐ] Gnome-speakernotes.png) is a Human Warrior from Etrand.


The countryside of Southern Etrand is filled with more than just romantic scenery and fertile farmlands: it is also a land whose sentient, human inhabitants are constantly threatened by neighbouring Orcs, the local fauna and equally local bandits. Reyanna isn't telling a secret when she reveals that she didn't always have such a beautiful-sounding name. During her childhood, her name was Elna, and her parents were members of a small community of outlaws. Her father walked the neighbouring villages with a pair of lock-picks instead of a shining armour, while her mother was a freelance mercenary. Her endless love for freedom is one of things she inherited from her parents and the whole hamlet of bandits: enough is told when it's said that her parents didn't really like the constrains of a married relationship and often got into heavy arguments over even small things. Their hamlet was built within the swamp next to a forest, all of its residents being outcasts from civilized society, yet they were more important than a whole army of knights, as when there ever was an Orcish raid, these outcasts aided the local militias against the raiders in combat. As such, Elna was trained to be one of those outcasts, receiving the knowledge of using weapons, surviving in wilderness and tracking from her mother.

Elna was nine years old when she first took part in defeating one of those orcish raiding parties. She found the tracks of an orcish party, hurried home and alerted those who were home. By the afternoon, all of the hamlet was in arms, and the very same orcs who wanted to make a surprise attack became victims of a surprise attack themselves. As someone who saved the whole community from certain death, she became the most favored kid, and no one dared to pull her hair again, unlike before. She even gathered enough bravery to go out onto the neighbouring village alone, but much to her surprise, instead of receiving a warm welcome, she got chased out, got stones thrown into her direction, adults even threatening her with scythes and hoes. This has shocked her to the core, after all, if it wasn't for her and her fellow outlaws, all of the villagers would have been killed or become Orcish slaves. From that point on, she stopped giving any value to the phrases "order" and "justice".

As she grew up, boys started getting interested in the adolescent girl in a different way than previously, while her father, becoming a closer and closer friend of alcohol, started expecting his daughter to provide for him. He couldn't turn to his own wife, as he knew, that the best he could expect would be two slaps on the face. The hamlet never had much money, and Elna, yearning for independence, made a hard decision: one evening, she packed all of her belongings and left without saying goodbye, determined to leave this stinking place and look for other means to fend for herself. Elna's mother used to be a mercenary, so Elna herself wanted to follow her footsteps. In the outside world, she first had to get rid of everything she brought with herself: she needed new clothes, and a new name. While the earlier were easy to acquire, the latter took quite a bit of time for her to figure out, initially switching back and forth between different pseudonyms until she finally got to the perfect masterpiece: Reyanna Ryger, sounding ancient, noble and warrior-like.

However, she received better opportunities than just being a plain mercenary - she took part in a tournament, and even though she lost, one of the recruiting agents of the Knights of the Blood Red Light saw the potential in her, and offered her a chance to join their order. Even though she was never religious, and hated bounds more than anything, she considered it a good enough opportunity to develop her own skills, so she accepted it. "In Etrand, do as the Etrandish" the saying goes, so she easily pretended to be a pious Ttianius-worshipper and a good person, while working hard at learning the knightly way of fighting, which has few rivals on the battlefield. Off course, a lot wanted to mess with her as a village girl, but when they started to suffer from uenxpected "accidents" - such as having some of their bones broken while being kicked down the stairs - they started to stop treating her that way. With her great might, superhuman endurance and dexterity, she quickly started commanding the appreciation of others, even though she never wanted it. Magic however was beyond her capacity, or to say less politely, she was "too stupid" for magic - though the people who say that so bluntly are often the same people whose noses break in too fast for Reyanna's taste.

She was never a friend to regulations, so when a typical blond wannabe-prince knight riding a white horse started showering Reyanna with his unrequited love for her, she knew it was time for her to leave. Her knightly exams and promotion to paladinship were still to be done, so she hoped that no one would devote too much force to scout out half the world for an ordinary apprentice. She once again left a place with all of her belongings, and now to look for her luck as a mercenary. She left the noise of the capital for the more quiet countryside, as that kind of place always offers work for warriors like her. She had her weapons and armour reforged, so that she won't be noticed, and after all of this, she began her journeys to look for her own luck.