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|quoted=King Cairbré's last entry in his diary
|quoted=King Cairbré's last entry in his diary

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Quotes from King Cairbré I of Etrand include:

Laws and rights only get us as far as pure logic without emotions. Sometimes, the answer is not in the book of laws, but in your heart.
— King Cairbré's Admonitions to his son, Calhoun
Heroes never die. They just take up disguises and continue walking among us until the time is right for their return.
— King Cairbré's "theory" on great people reincarnating as great people every few centuries
Múyian is the most perfect woman who has ever walked the land of Artograch. Her beauty is limitless - her fiery breast-length scarlet red hair radiates from elegance. Her beautiful eyes are like lapis lazuli - pure and possessive. Her heavenly curves make it impossible to resist her charms. She is the biggest perfection Titanius has ever created and gifted me with, and for that, I am forever in his debt.
— King Cairbré describing his wife, Muyian of Artaburro
Was I a good king or a bad king? Did my five decades of rule bring good or bad? Only time will tell. The only thing I can say with clean hands is that I have no regrets. I have a clear conscience, as I have done what I deemed was right. I have no regrets. Let the future generations clap hands in my praise or spit on my corpse in disgust, I will never regret anything, not even in death.
— King Cairbré's last entry in his diary