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|quoted=Bryant, [[Battle of Morshu's Mill]]
|quoted=Bryant, [[Battle of Morshu's Mill]]

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Quotes from King Bryant I of Etrand include:

Good and evil is only a matter of how skilled an orator you are.
— King Bryant
When you are struck, you don't know what comes next. You are bleeding, you are pierced, but you just don't feel anything. Then, seconds later, it all hits you, like how the sound of thunder is delayed after the flash of lightning.
It is not the wounds or the infection that is killing you. It's the necessity to remain silent, when the desire to scream your lungs out is becoming irresistible as pain bites into your nerves like a wolf bites into the flesh of his victim. Then, it all goes out like a candle. The fire is still burning, but you don't feel it. It's as hot as a brimstone, yet feels like ice.
Then comes the kindle. The agonizing pain returns when the cause of the pain is removed from your body. The priest places his lighting, shiny hand on your body, and soon, it is all history. You are overcome with a glorious sensation that makes you forget all the pain you had just a minute ago.
That is how it felt for me at the battle.
— Bryant, Battle of Morshu's Mill