Months, years and days

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The world of Artograch has its own calendars and way to keep track of days, weeks, months and years.


For the lore, we make distinction between BEKE and AEKE. BEKE is short for "Before the (foundation of) Kingdom of Etrand", AEKE is short for "After the (foundation of) Kingdom of Etrand".

In the world of Artograch, each and every culture has their own way of keeping years.

We also keep distinction between several time periods:

Months of the Year

Each and every year consists of 376 days. There are no leap years.


  • First Month: Faneluin (34 days)
  • Second Month: Anarlosse (25 days)


  • Third Month: Edhealasse (34 days)
  • Fourth Month: Rasaalu (32 days)
  • Fifth Month: Anarkalina (31 days)


  • Sixth Month: Urnulina (33 days)
  • Seventh Month: Naurnaara (33 days)
  • Eighth Month: Tyelcartel (31 days)


  • Ninth Month: Ujeregula (30 days)
  • Tenth Month: Eregamandil (32 days)
  • Eleventh Month: Moribel (31 days)


  • Twelfth/Last Month: Randametta (30 days)

Days of The Week

Each week has Eight days:

  • Enqofamar
  • Serinre
  • Sanganre
  • Taurre
  • Estiare
  • Haarare
  • Farothre
  • Mettare