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Welcome to Ways of Darkness
Lore date: 10th of Edhealasse, 831 AEKE
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Brief introduction

The known world
Ways of Darkness is a media franchise set in the world of Artograch

The planet of Artograch can be roughly divided into three main continent-archipelago clusters: the Occident, the Orient and the Triangle. Out of these, the franchise mainly focuses on the Occident, especially on the continent of Artograch.

Political map of the Occident
The races of Continental Artograch can be divided into two groups: the indigenous races (Lizardmen, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, Goblins, Ogres) that have lived on the continent since time immemorial, and the Elven races (Humans, Wood Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs), whose ancestors migrated from the Orient to the continent roughly 2800 years before present - that is, before 831 AEKE. Out of these, the Elven races have the clear political dominance, having established the Kingdoms of Etrand, Froturn and Dragoc, as well as other minor states, such as the Principality of Artaburro and the Earldom of Etrancoast.

Currently, as of 831 AEKE (831 years after the establishment of the Kingdom of Etrand), the Occident is at a tipping point: the three aforementioned great powers are at a three-way cold war with each other, with tensions being at an all-time high, while the previously unmentioned fourth, Gabyr, is sitting in the shadows watching it all with popcorn in their hands, while slowly expanding their trade empire in the Orient. Unseen for roughly five and a half centuries, Demons have been sighted lurking around, no doubt planting their own secret agents among the authorities of the aforementioned states. It is said that even the Orcs of Brutang are getting quite unruly, while the Empire of Neressa continues its long-practiced isolationist policies and the Principality of Artaburro tries to wiggle between the Kingdoms of Froturn, Dragoc and Etrand. Which power shall previal over the others and become a continental hegemon?

The known world
Ways of Darkness is a media franchise set in the world of Artograch - the surface of the planet itself is subdivided into the larger and more populous (but plot-wise less relevant) Orient and the smaller and less populous (but plot-wise more relevant) Occident - just about all stories from the Ways of Darkness franchise take place within the Occident and feature characters native to the Occident, with information about the Orient largerly being referenced in the background. The Occident is further subdivided into the Continent of Artograch and Island of Gabyr-Keldorn. The earlier is home to civilizations such as the Etrand, Froturn, Dragoc and Artaburro, while the latter is home to the Principality of Gabyr and the Republic of Keldorn. Amongst the most known powers of the Orient are the Great Shár and the Týrýng.

Political map of the Occident
The Occident is populated by two main racial groups: the Elven races and the Indigenous races. The earlier's ancestors originally migrated from the Orient to the Occident in an event known as the Great Exodus. The Proto-Elves, originally hailing from the Orient, violently colonized Continental Artograch, displacing much of the indigenous population in an event known as The Great Purge, leaving the indigenous races - such as Lizardmen, Goblins, Ogres, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings and the Aeséni - in small numbers. A millenium later, these Proto-Elves evolved: those who migrated to what would be Froturn became the High Elves, those who migrated to what would become Dragoc became the Wood Elves, and those who migrated to future Etrand and Hulra became the... Humans. The Orcs and Dark Elves later appeared too, also Elven races.

From the struggles of all the races of Continental Artograch - Indigenous, Elven and Extra-Artograchian (such as the Demons) alike - three great powers emerged that would end up dominating the continent: the (overwhelmingly) Human (but multicultural and multiracial) Etrand, the High Elven Froturn and the Wood Elven Dragoc, all three dominated by an Elven race. After the disasterous Demonic Invasion of the Third Century, these three great powers have formed a military aliance that still lasts even to this day - at least on paper. In reality, however, these three have been engaged in Cold Wars for centuries. First, during the 8th century, Etrand had serious political disagreements with Froturn and Dragoc. Then, just one and a half decade ago, a coup happened in Froturn, overthrowing the previous pro-Dragoci rulers who have won the Civil War of 809, installing an isolationist government that is pro-Etrandish in this Cold War, yet at the same time, distrusts even Etrand.

The year is 831. and there has been no war for A little more than two decades. In fact, if we discount the aforementioned Froturnish Civil War - in which there was Etrandish intervention - there hasn't been a real war between Artograchian countries for centuries in the Occident. Nevertheless, the current ballance of powers in the Occident is at a major tipping point: something is bound to happen in the near future, be it contact with a new civilization, divine intervention, a Third Demonic Invasion, or something even worse....

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Arnelia face.jpg Arnélia Gervése is a Human Cleric, who played a minor role in the 2011 game Alternate World. Canonically, she is a member of the Order of White Magicians.
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