Elemental Dragons

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The Elemental Dragon is very rare creature, combination of a Dragon and an Elemental. The mysterious nature of Elemental Dragons and their extremely rare appearences made it difficult to know whether these creatures are sentient to begin with, or if they reproduce sexually, or not. Not even the most powerful known wizards have the power to summon Elemental Dragons, which makes these rare and majestic creatures all the more legendary.

Regular Elemental Dragons

Fire Elementals Dragons

See also: Fire Elementals

Roughly resembling dragons made out of nothing but flames, these dragons are obviously capable of breathing fire, as well as spitting fireballs.... and that's where their special abilities end. Otherwise, they have a weakness towards water - even puny mundane water can easily kill these otherwise powerful creatures. They are frequently compared to Phoenixes, but lack the ability to resurrect themselves and be born again.

Water Elemental Dragons

See also: Water Elementals

Roughly resembling water being contained with a dragon-shaped invisible container. Effectively Water Elementals but shaped like Dragons, sharing their strengths and weaknesses.

Air Elemental Dragons

See also: Air Elementals

Roughly resembling semi-transparent dragons, these are effeictively Air Elementals that happen to be shaped like dragons, sharing all their strengths and weaknesses. They cannot breathe fire or anything.

Earth Elemental Dragons

See also: Earth Elementals

Resembling dragons made out of stone, or animated dragon statues, these dragons share all their strengths and weaknesses with Earth Elementals, being unable to breathe fire or anything for that matter. They are forced to rely on their own weight and weaponize their own body, using their own bodies as rams and spikes, colliding into their enemies.

Fusional Elemental Dragons

Magma Elemental Dragons

See also: Magma Elementals

Resembling dragons made out of magma, these dragons share all of their strengths and weaknesses with regular Magma Elementals, retaining their iconic ability of breathing fire. Unlike regular Magma Elementals, Magma Elemental Dragons cannot be reduced to Earth or Fire by attacking them - water and projectiles will simply kill them.

Ice Elemental Dragons

See also: Ice Elementals

Resembling dragons made out of ice, these dragons possess the ability to breathe freezing cold air, optionally containing flechettes made out of ice. Their biggest weakness is fire, which will kill them by melting them - unlike Ice Elementals, Ice Elemental Dragons cannot be reduced to water by melting.

Energy Elemental Dragons

See also: Energy Elementals

Roughly resembling Golden Dragons, but with constant electrical sparks around them, these dragons possess the ability to breathe thunderballs out of their mouth. Their weakness is water, which will kill them.

Storm Elemental Dragons

See also: Storm Elementals

Roughly resembling Air Elemental Dragons but with stone projectiles floating around them, they share all their weaknesses and strengths with Storm Elementals.