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Language: English
Dermaglen restored.png
Canonical look in Ways of Darkness
Vital statistics
Race Human Vampire
Class Death Knight
Birth Unknown
Religion none (atheist)
Alignment Neutral Evil
First appearence Alternate World
Designed by László Dornfeld (originally)
Zsolt Tóth (later appearences)
Voiced by Zsolt Tóth (2012)

Dermagen (Etrandish: Dermaglen ; IPA: [d̥əɹmɑglɛn] Gnome-speakernotes.png) is a Vampire Death Knight, who was originally a foreigner to the Ways of Darkness franchise - lifted from Alternate World, Dermaglen went through major overhauls before being fit to be considered canon to Ways of Darkness.

He did not make an appearence in the Ways of Darkness FRPG


Origins in the Alternate World FRPG

Dermaglen did not make an appearence has a character in the FRPG, but the person the character would be later based off - László Dornfeld - used Dermaglen as his username at the forums.

Alternate World, the game

Dermaglen1.svg Dermaglen2.png

Dermaglen plays a relatively minor role in the game.

He helps Nemezish, Gnarog and Ildor out of a prison, then disappears.

He reappears in the Ways of Darkness world, as the ingame incarnation of the person he was based on, László Dornfeld. From that point on, he becames a member of the party, and keeping him in the party remains mandatory until Nemezish and Ildor are rescued. Dermaglen plays in many ways like a darker equivalent of Stephanus, relying on life-draining and destructive spells.

Dermaglen plays direct role in the rescue of the priestess Arnelia, and in the revenge against Doclonius. While after the rescue of Nemezish and Ildor, it is no longer mandatory to keep him in the party, he is still required to be in the party to interract with the computer that transports Gnarog to Real World.

After the game ends, the ending screen tells that he moved to the real world, and helped László Dornfeld to recreate Greater Hungary, the way it was before 1918 (in the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, Hungary lost 73% of her land).

Ways of Darkness, the 2012 game

Stephanoz.svg Dermaglen1.svg Dermaglen4.png Dermaglen2.png

Dermaglen at the very beginning of the game is a Human Knight. In the tutorial, the player controls him. After losing the unwinnable battle against the unnamed vampire, he is turned into a vampire, and not heard of again, until the player encounters on his/her way to the refurnished mansion. At that encounter, Dermaglen attempts to turn the player character to the Dark Side and capture him/her alive, to bring him/her to Ignatius.

While the game was never finished, it was planned that the player would have the opportunity to switch sides, and in that scenario, it was no doubt that Dermaglen would have became a playable party member.

Ways of Darkness, the 2013 game


Dermaglen was planned to appear in the game, but as the game never made it beyond planning stage, nothing was produced.