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Wood Elves
Total population
c. 1,355,120
Regions with significant populations
Dragoc shield.svg Dragocc. 1,201,620
Neressa shield.svg Neressac. 108,000
Etrand shield.svg Etrandc. 21,000
Froturn shield.svg Froturnc. 16,000
Artaburro shield.svg Artaburroc. 7,500
Keldorn shield.svg Keldornc. 1,000
Wood Elven
predominentaly Cult of Nature

Wood Elves are a race native (but not exactly indigenous) to the continent of Artograch, having evolved from the migrant Proto-Elves, making High Elves a sister-race to High Elves and Humans.

Just like their High Elven cousins - with whom they are nearly biologically identical (making the separation between the two races almost purely cultural and political) - Wood Elves have a relatively long lifespan, ageing roughly at tenth of the speed of humans after the age of eighteen, meaning that a 100 year old Wood Elf is biologically equivalent of a 25 year-old Human, a 200 years old Elf is essentially 35 years old, and so on. However, unlike their High Elven cousins, Wood Elves aren't known for being particularly dogmatic, conservative, or otherwise resistful of change: they tend to make use of their long lifespan by taking it easy, working lightly, reserving time for leisure and spiritual activites to promote being at peace with self - they devote a lot more time to meditation and the obligatory tea-drinking ceremony than any other race.

While not as clannish as their northern neighbours, the Wood Elves still retain some tribal customs rather than going with the nuclear family model: they still have clans or extended families rather than nuclear families, but the patriarch or matriarch of each clan has very little authority. For example, arranged marriages are unheard of, and when a member of a clan seeks to travel abroad to seek their fortune or seek a different profession that the one the family has traditionally practiced, there is no strong patriarchial or matriarchial authority preventing them from doing so.

As an added bonus, Wood Elven women and men are well-known for being rivals to their High Elven counterparts in regards to beauty. The average adult Wood Elf is about 190 centimetres (76 inches or 6.2 feet) tall, regardless of gender (albeit men to tend to be slightly taller on average).

Native populations

The average Wood Elven male and female.


Currently, 1,201,620 Wood Elves live in the Kingdom of Dragoc, making up 90.44% of the kingdom's population.

The Kingdom of Dragoc has been home to the Wood Elves ever since it was founded. During the Proto-Elven colonization of Artograch, Dragoc became the domain of three of the last Proto-Elven clans to make the journey to Artograch, the Suscae, the Harzani and the Gysmiduli. Out of these, the Suscae ended up dominating Dragoc, and the royal family claims direct descent from this clan. Eventually, the Proto-Elven race split up due to divergent evolution. Those Proto-Elves who settled in Dragoc ended up evolving into the Wood Elves.

The Wood Elven population of Dragoc was never ever threatened with being displaced as the dominant demographic of their kingdom. However, at the same time, until after the foundation of Etrand, there was not much of a Wood Elven diaspora either (save for migration to the Empire of Neressa), most of them having few children and chosing to live in their own home country. The only time there was a large number of Wood Elves leaving their country before the foundation of Etrand was during the aftermath of the Great War, when Thorm'fa's followers were exiled to Brutang.

Wood Elven diaspora


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Currently, 21,000 Wood Elves live in the Kingdom of Etrand, making up 0.41% of the kingdom's population.

It isn't known precisely when did Wood Elves first migrate to Etrand, but we know for a fact that at its youngest, the Wood Elven community of Etrand is almost as old as the kingdom itself: back when Etrand was still in its infancy, the Kings of Etrand invited Wood Elven alchemists, agronomists, herbalists, botanists, forestry-experts, geologists, dietitians and rangers to Etrand and paid them generously. Wood Elves also had their own racial enclave in Grandfolk, just like the High Elves, and had the privilige of judging themselves by their own laws within their own enclave.

Unlike the High Elven community that eventually dwindled in numbers due to the improving economical opportunities at home, the Wood Elven community continued to either stagnate or slowly grow, although just like their High Elven cousins, they too had a strong preference for cities such as Grandfolk, Copperport, Dracfold and Steelhelm, although Wood Elves were also well-represented amongst wandering herbalists.

The Wood Elven community began growing at a much faster race during the late 7th century AEKE, with opportunists moving to the great cities of Etrand, druids moving in to convert people, rangers acting as de-facto mercenaries helping to offer a solution to the Orcish problem, etc. In fact, during the reign of Queen Cairi of Dragoc, deliquents were encouraged to seek their fortune in Etrand.

A turning point for the Wood Elven community of Etrand came during the reign of King Cairbré I of Etrand, whose crackdown on missionary activity led to the expulsion of a large number of druids - many other unrelated Wood Elves left, mostly migrating to Froturn, as they were too used to the urban landscape to go back to Dragoc. This caused the previously growing community to go into decline that hasn't stopped since. The reign of the currently reigning King Orlónius I of Etrand has led to a schism within the Wood Elven community, a split between those who feel that Etrand is their home no matter what, and those who are eager to emmigrate for various reasons. Somewhat paradoxically, the Wood Elven community of Copperport has grown a lot lately, but that can be attributed to Copperport's status as an international trade hub, naturally home to a largerly cosmopolitan urban community of various races, including Wood Elves.


Currently, 16,000 Wood Elves live in the Kingdom of Froturn, making up 0.64% of the kingdom's population.

The Wood Elven community of Froturn is as old as the kingdom itself, but they were always low in numbers, and always on the verge of being completely absorbed and assimilated by the High Elves. Wood Elven geologists, forestry-experts, agronomists, agroecologists, botanists, herbalists, dietitians, therapists, doctors and personal trainers. Ever since Froturn became wealthy during the Golden Age of Trade between East and West, many Wood Elves were employed in the aforementioned fields. They also raised a corp of Wood Elven mercenary archers that still stands and still forms an important part of Froturn's military.

Those Wood Elves living on the borders between Dragoc and Froturn always had a habit of habitually migrating back and forth between Dragoc and Froturn, but they ultimately call Dragoc their home and always end up returning, save for a few opportunists.

Wood Elven migration to Froturn intensified during the reigns of Queen Cairi of Dragoc and King Cael'mus of Froturn. Cairi was encouraging deliquents and opportunists to seek their fortune in Froturn, while Cael'mus was welcoming Wood Elves into Froturn with open arms. The reign of Cael'mus also saw a migration of druids into Froturn, and conversion of High Elves to the Cult of Nature. The reign of King Cairbré I of Etrand saw many Wood Elves migrating from Etrand to Froturn rather than Dragoc, further strengthening the Froturnish Wood Elven community.

818 was the major turning point in the history of the community, when King Ivahó of Froturn rose to power by ousting his regents Ardryllus Sim'vara and Ta'ael Myrth'nddare, the earlier of which commited suicide after the coup, while the latter went into a self-imposed exile. Even though old edict that legalized proselytization remained active until its de-jure revocation in 822, it got de-facto revoked already in 818, when the crackdowns on missionaries started without a warning - just like in Etrand, druids caught converting Titanists to Naturalism were deported to Dragoc, while converts were handed over to the Inquisiton. This led to many Naturalists in Froturn fearing for their lives - even Wood Elves who were umpteenth generation immigrants began to consider returning to Dragoc or moving to Artaburro: many of them did. After the initial "exodus", the heavy decline of the Wood Elven community of Froturn stopped, getting slowed down to a slow decline or stagnation.


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Attributes (FRPG)

Enabled alignment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 9 19
Agility 8 18
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 7 17
Charisma 8 18