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Language: English
Ways of Darkness
Game wod5.png
DeveloperZsolt Tóth
Designed byZsolt Tóth, various others
Music byvarious
EngineRPG Maker VX Ace
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
Releasednever (cancelled)

Ways of Darkness, the RPG Maker VX game was an attempt to revive its 2012 predecessor.

It was eventually cancelled and dropped in favor of a project to develop a a 3D Ways of Darkness game.

The unfinished game is now on github.


The game barely made it past planning stage, with most development focused on gameplay features and "tech demos", therefore no real plot was written, however, it was decided that Stephanus Tavilrond, Gnarog Dougfral, Nemezish, Ladislaus Dominus, Morthen Orden'Ath Ildor, Dermaglen and Ignatius would make appearances too, although the main enemies would be Demons, not Ignatius and his undead.

The 2013 game would have featured a map that is much less deviant from the original lore than the 2012 version.

The game was planned to have three playable sides the player could align with, and three endings according to the side the player has decided to take: the Good Side featuring the Kingdom of Etrand, Kingdom of Froturn, Kingdom of Dragoc and various other aligned states; the Evil or Lesser Evil side featuring the Republic of Keldorn, the Orcish tribes of Brutang and the Dark Elven clans; and last but not least, the Chaotic or Greater Evil side, featuring the Demons.


The game's system was never truly defined, but it was meant to include most features of its predecessor: character creation, hunger-thirst-sleep system, day-night transition. It was to be augmented even further by a crafting system, vampirism, drunkness, horse-riding, fast travel, and various planned features (like fishing, marriages, romance, guild memberships) that did not even made it to the unfinished product that was developed.

While the intent was to make the system a bit more faithful to the original, most restraints still remained, albeit somewhat laxed, thanks to the scripting system and the large amount of scripts borrowed from Tsukihime.

Playable Races

Playable Classes