Válistus Culiphae

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Válistus Culiphae
Válistus Culiphae.jpg
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race High Elf
Class Warrior
Birth 2nd of Anarkalina, 673 AEKE, Yanus, Froturn
Age Actual Age:
158 in Artograchian years,
162 in Terran years (as of 831 AEKE, 10th of Edhealasse)
Apparent Age:
32 years
Religion Titanist Religion.svg Titanism
Alignment Lawful Good
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Válistus Culiphae (High Elven: Válistus Culiphae ; IPA: [væːlɪstʊs‿kʰʊlɪfeː]), is a Froturnish nobleman, former general, and politician, the current military consul of Froturn, and one of the advisors of King Ivahó of Froturn. He was also known as being one of the main rivals of Ardryllus Sim'vara, having fought against him during the Froturnish Civil War, including in the Battle of Ancestors Field. He is also known for having played a part in orchestrating the coup against Sim'vara in 818.


Childhood and upbringing

Válistus Culiphae on 2nd of Anarkalina, 673 AEKE in the capital city of Yanus as the son of a noble family

Military career

Politics and the Civil War of 809

Temporary Retirement

Having fought on the losing side of the civil war, Culiphae expected harsh punishment, but much to his surprise, Sim'vara proclaimed an amnesty and pardoned everyone who fought in the civil war. Nevertheless, Culiphae was heavily discouraged from engaging in politics, and thus retired to his family estate in the countryisde near Yanus. Nevertheless, he quickly re-gained his interest in politics, and thus his estate became a hotspot for resistance against the so-called "Druidic Dictatorship" (the government of Ardryllus Sim'vara and Ta'ael Myrth'nddare, seeking to continue the work of the deceased and highly controversial King Cael'mus of Froturn).

Válistus received many visitors to his estate, primarily his fellow ex-rebels, and other critics of the current regime. He also received and accepted invitations to travel to the Kingdom of Etrand and the Principality of Artaburro to speak up about the evils of his country's regime and agitate against it. He became a useful propaganda tool for the Etrandish government, which was hostile to the current Froturnish regime. He was even personally received by King Orlónius I of Etrand.

He was accused for orchestrating the Yanus protests in 815 by Sim'vara, and received a letter with a very much accusing tone from the consul himself.

To the most esteemed former general Culiphae,

Just because you were pardoned of the crimes of treason and rebellion when I declared amnesty with the rebels out of a desire not to needlessly spill the blood of good men who just happen to disagree with me on how to serve this country the best, do not feel so emboldened to make any sudden moves that you might regret. You have been pardoned of your past crimes, but not the future ones. I might not have any evidence to back up my claim, I have no doubts that you were at least partially responsible to the recent popular outrage directed at me and my fellow consul Lady Myrth'nddare. I may not have any evidence right now, woe be to you, if your dearest friends confess that you riled up the masses against my lawful and legitimate government that rules on behalf of our beloved and annointed monarch. You do well to remember that going against me equates to going against our lawful King. You will also do well to remember that your past crimes may have been forgiven, they were not forgotten, and we may not be so forgiving for your future crimes.

Ardryllus Sim'vara's letter to Válistus Culiphae
To the most popular and beloved consul Sim'vara,

It comes to me as no surprise that you formulate your baseless accusations against me in the form of a letter, reminding me of my duties and responsibilities while neglecting to mention your own. Be offended at will, but shifting the blame of the people's anger to insignificant characters such as myself is the telltale sign of an incompetent leader, who has talent for nothing but finding scapegoats. 'Tis not my fault that the populace remains unconvinced that you represent the will of our annointed king, that you have the people's and our kingdom's best interests at heart. You gave people the freedom of religion, have you not also implicitly given them the freedom to express scepticism in this new religion of yours? You have succesfully alienated the clergy and nobility before your reign have even begun, and now you are succesfully alienating the common smallfolk, the plebs as well. Shall I stand trial for informing you, that you are are a few inches away from the ledge that leads to certain doom? Because if you refuse to change your ways, your rule shall be short-lived. This is not a threat, but a mere prediction that anyone with brains will make.

Válistus Culiphae's response to Ardryllus Sim'vara's accusing letter

It is not know precisely how much was he involved in that specific incident, but it is widely know, that he practically single-handed orchestrated the 818 protests that would escalate into a full-blown coup against Sim'vara.

Rise to Power

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