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Tropes about the small town Talon include:

  • Arcadia: Talon has a mediterranean climate, most of its inhabitants are farmers and animal herders, the town is surrounded by meadows where sheep and cattle graze, vineyards and wheat fields, and also has a navigable river running through the town. The scenery makes it a perfect spot for a picnic and a date.
    • And the people are content too. They don't have luxuries, but there is little poverty too. You could consider it a rural utopia... until you are reminded that this town of a rural utopia got violently destroyed twice before, and it could happen again.
    • Partially deconstructed/reconstructed. Anyone living in Talon can tell that it's definitely no utopia - farm work is hard work after all - but the bulk of the inhabitants are still content with their lives. Crime and violence do exist, but on a much lower level that in any of the cities.
  • Doomed Hometown: Doomed twice, undoomed both times after that.
  • Undefeatable Little Village: Averted hard. Talon actually got destroyed twice, and is considered by some to be the Butt Monkey of Etrand. To add to the injury, before its destruction in the 3rd century, Talon was viewed as a symbol of progress in the otherwise fully-rural Southern Etrand (which was lagging behind the rest of Etrand technologically and in economic productivity) - many took its second destruction as a sign that Southern Etrand will forever remain a rural backwater, and that when ever it tries to climb out of that, something will always drag it back down.