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Tropes about the Kingdom of Froturn include:

  • Our Elves Are Better: They see themselves as the most cultured, civilized and literate people in all of Artograch, with the most beautiful women of all races, and the cleanest cities.
  • The Kingdom: That's what they see themselves as... but this is up to debate.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: A mix of Ancient Grome, Byzantium and Medieval England.
    • Their form of government could be considered a funny hybrid of the Ancient Roman Republic and the English Constitutional Monarchy: they have a monarch with nominally limited powers (though, some monarchs did in fact bypass the government and reign as tyrants) who appoints two consuls (one for military matters, the other for domestic matters), both of whom answer to the Senate, which is composed of nobility, clergy and a few token (elderly) commoners. The King/Queen also has the right to temporarily assume "emergency powers" - just like Roman dictators.
    • Their army contains both Phalanx and Legionaries. And also Longbowmen. And last but not least, heavy cavalry with shining armour.
  • The Theocracy: In the first few centuries of its existence, the Kingdom wasn't truly separate from the Church of Titanius... that is, until the Yanus Protocol came along, formally recognizing the church and the state as separate but interdependent entities.