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Tropes about Consul Sim'vara include:

  • Badass in Charge
  • Badass Long Hair
  • Driven to Suicide
  • Four-Star Badass
  • Regent for Life: This is what he was from 809, until 818 when he got couped out of power, driving him into suicide.
  • Officer and a Gentleman
  • The Generalissimo: He was in the military before he became the consul. He never even quit the military to begin with - he retained his rank as a general even after he became a consul, and even after he got stripped of his consul-hood...
  • Hobbes Was Right: Sim'vara and his close associate Ta'ael Myrth'nddare co-headed an oligarchic government that may have suppressed the freedom to participate in politics, but they ensured freedom of speech and freedom of faith, something that the previous government (despite being much more "democratic", with the Senate's elections and stuff) not only failed to grant but sometimes even outright suppressed.
    • After the Fall of the Consuls - shortly after which Sim'vara committed suicide - Froturn reverted to the self-contradictory state of being more democratic than before, but at the same time limiting freedoms of faith.