Tondbertid dynasty

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Language: English
House of Tondbert
Tondbertling, Tondberten
Royal house
Tondbertid CoA.svg
Coat of Arms of the Tondbertid dynasty
CountryKingdom of Etrand
TitlesKing of Etrand (formerly)
Grand Count of Brevia
Founded145 AEKE
FounderKing Swidhelm I of Etrand (de facto)
King Tondbert I of Etrand (de jure)
Final rulerKing of Etrand:
Queen Mythela of Etrand
Current headTinya of Brevia
DepositionKing of Etrand:
718 AEKE (de facto)
744 AEKE (de jure)
Grand Count of Brevia:

The Tondbertid dynasty - also known as Tondbertling (Etrandish: Tondbertling ; IPA: [tʰɔndbəɹtʰlɪŋ], meaning "Tondbert-descendants") or Tondberten (Etrandish: Tondberten ; IPA: [tʰɔndbəɹtʰɛn], meaning "of Tondbert") - was the ruling family of Etrand between 145 and 718 AEKE - ruling Etrand for 69% of its history -, although the house's official deposition happened only in 744.

Even though the Tondbertids no longer hold the royal title of Etrand, they continue to be a powerful noble family that still holds considerable amount of influence and prestige even to this day.



The de-facto founder of the Tondbertid dynasty, Swidhelm the Old was a nobleman from Brevia. Even prior to the Tondbertid ascension to royalty, the "proto-Tondbertids" or Brevians have already had a formidable amount of influence in Etrandish royal court, and has had a presence in the royal court ever since the Corlagonid era. Swidhelm himself was the husband of the niece of Sighard the Builder, the last Hengistid king of Etrand, making the Tondbertid dynasty maternally a successor of the Hengistid dyansty.

The Brevians themselves trace - or at least claim to trace - their ancestry to Berevart, a clan leader who served Fathred the Great under his failed Southern Campaign. The ultimate fate of Berevart after the failed campaign remains unknown, which leads to the (false) speculation that the person was simply fabricated and never existed, despite evidence by Neressan records about a Human general named "Berewartas". While the existence of Berevart himself is hard to argue against, the question whether the Tondbertids descended from him or not is one that is harder to tackle.


Loss of the Kingdom

After 718

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