The Wounded Lion Inn

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The Wounded Lion
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StateKingdom of Etrand
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The Wounded Lion Inn is an Etrandish inn in Talon. On the ground floor, there is a bar with eight chairs, and there are twenty tables, each with six chairs. The first and second floors contain all the rentable rooms. The local speciality is Pumpkin Beer.



The inn first appeared on the FRPG on the 27th of December, 2009.

The 2012 game

Talon Inn 2012.png

Although the inn didn't have a name in the game, it was still present in the village of Talon, serving as a plot-central location. It had a human bartender with a dwarven bodyguard, and there were also three human bards playing music. The player had the opportunity to buy drinks and rent a room for the night. The tavern also served as the location of the real intro scene to the game, which introduced the player to the gang of heroes (Stephánus Tavilrond, Gnarog Dougfrál, Nemezish, Morthen Orden'Áth Ildor, Ladislaus Dominus) :

Later, the player character wakes up in this inn before looking for a work, then also wakes up here after their fight with Ignatius the Necromancer.

The 2013 game

Talon Inn 2013.png

This building made an appearence in the 2013 game as well, but once again without its name. Just like in the 2012 version, it had a dwarf guard guarding the bar.