The Purple Brother Brothel

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The Purple Brother Brothel
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StateKingdom of Etrand
CharactersCradar the Once-Unclean
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The Purple Brother Brothel is a prime example of how the mighty have fallen. It is a seedy, penurious and decrepit building, barely reminiscent of typical houses. In a distant past, it could have been an inn - a beautiful inn for rich people. Perhaps a century ago, this building was the light of wealth, an island of shine, rising from the filth that is the rest of the Shanty Quarter of Grandfolk.

But that is the past: the old, beautiful inn has since became an abandoned building, and remained so until some good-for-nothing vagabond slacker found it and decided to make some good profit by financing women who practiced the most ancient profession ever, then taxing them for doing it in a building he claimed as his own property. Many women that practice such a profession have settled down in this building ever since, claiming the cheap real estate not just as their workplaces, but as their living places as well. Of course, ever since that, the old bearded slacker has died, and someone else took his place. Yet, the show must go on: as such, this place is still active, frequented by those unwilling to commit or too weak to seduce. The building's most notable frequenter and haunter is Cradar the Once-Unclean, an old medicine-man, who earns his daily bread by charging money for using his magic to cure people of the various sexually-transmitted diseases they tend to get from the fine ladies of this establishment - of course, he also provides precautionary measures to prevent said fine ladies from catching such diseases from their clients as well.



The building was first described on the 6th of September, 2013, on the phpBB2 forum. On the 19th of September, it was closed down, as the building got destroyed during a roleplaying session - that is not canon, and canonically, the building is still active.