The Poisoned Sword Inn

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The Poisoned Sword
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StateDhaeraow Loomin
CharactersDroku'n de Almidus
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The Poisoned Sword Inn is a typical underground inn located on the domain of the Dhaeraow Loomin clan, where they don't like foreigners, where they happily beat the weak into a pulp. The inside of the building is very divisive, as some consider it beautiful and exotic, while others consider it straight-up distasteful: everything is painted black, and most things are made out of iron. The lighting is done by crystals that emit a blue light.

On the "ground floor" - if we can even call it that (the floor that the entrance directly leads to), the bar has 10 seats, together with 5 tables, each with 4 seats. The bartender is Droku'n de Almidus, a middle-aged Dark Elf, who is quite rude... but if you are angry at him, you could easily find yourself the victim of a poisoned arrow.



On the original FRPG, the location was first defined on the 1st of Januarry, 2010, on the ProBoards forum, then on the 6th of April, 2010, on the phpBB2 forum, where its description did not change.