The Hall of Blacksmiths

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The Hall of Blacksmiths
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StateKingdom of Etrand
CityZorod Koldo im Neuna
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The Hall of Blacksmiths is an Etrandish institution, located within Zorod Koldó im Neuna. It is the center of the local Dwarven population in the city, and among the only places where Dwarven Stee and Living Metal can be safely experimented with. It is also the place where the statues of the most prominent blacksmiths are put. Additionally, within the cellars, they plan out the trade routes.



The location was first described on the phpBB2 version of the forum on the 4th of June, 2010. Its original Hungarian description isn't entirely canon, as ebony does not exist in the Ways of Darkness universe.