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Currently, 135,760 Humans live on the island that happens to be occupied by the Republic of Keldorn and the Free City of Gabyr, making up making up 36.66% of the island's population. Out of them 70,000 live in Keldorn, making up 27.03% of the republic's population, while 65,760 live in Gabyr, making up 59.06% of the city-state's population.

In both states, humans have a dominant position in one way or another: in Gabyr, they are the demographical majority; while in Keldorn, despite being only the second largest gruop, they are the politically and economically dominant demographic. In many ways, their stories are the complete opposites.

The first humans were taken to the island as slaves by Gabyrian (Nereid) raiders, but soon after, human pirates also started settling in the city of Gabyr, a safe haven for pirates. During the Golden Age of Maritime Trade, piracy declined and there would be far fewer slave-raids (and all of them were aimed at Etrand), several slaves were freed, but the human population continued to grow in form of Hulran merchants settling in the city. Even though the human population grew and humans eventually overtook the native Nereids in sheer numbers, new arrivals always dropped their original language and most of their culture in favour of the Gabyrian language and customs - that is, until the fall of Hulra, after which large number of pagan refugees would arrive to Gabyr, resisting assimilation, forming their own community separate from even the pre-existing human community, speaking their own language that eventually into the language known as "Gaviúran". During the Cymbairan Wars, the human slave population grew, as a result of both Gabyrian conducting raids into Etrand and Etrancoast with the objective of getting slaves, and the Gabyrians deciding to enslave prisoners of war instead of ransoming, freeing or killing them.

It is currently debated when did humans first appear on the island outside of Gabyr - some would argue that runaway slaves, also known as maroons formed their own settlements on the island, potentially coming into conflict with the native goblin population. However, the mainstream version of history remains that the first humans appeared in Keldorn during the Expulsion of the Undead, which led to the foundation of the Republic of Keldorn. If there were ever maroon communities on the island, the Keldornish most definitely exterminated them fairly quickly. While people of all races would migrate to Keldorn with the intent of running away from the persecution of those who prefer dark over light, Keldorn's dominant demographic would always be (and still are) the humans. In fact, Keldorn's main language is Keldorni Etrandish, an offshoot of Middle Etrandish.