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Currently, 12,000 Humans live in the Kingdom of Dragoc, making up 0.91% of the kingdom's population.

Humans don't have much of a history in Dragoc - in fact, most permanent residents of the human phenotype are 4th generation at most. Humans who practice the Cult of Nature are few in numers - these few often made pilgrimages to the holy sites in Dragoc, with some falling in love with the scenery so much that they decided to stay permanently, but these were very few in numbers, and usually married local Wood Elves, breeding Half-Elven offsprings who would in turn marry Wood Elves - effectively meaning complete biological assimilation.

The first time we can actually talk about a Human community of Dragoc is in the mid-8th century, when King Cairbré I of Etrand broke with his father's proto-secularist policies and made proselytization of Titanists illegal, deporting all responsible missionaries. Some of these were Human Druids. Despite assurances of their freedom to practice their religion would be guaranteed, Naturalists living in Etrand began fearing for their lives, hence starting an exodus: most of them however went to Froturn rather than Dragoc.

The rise of power of King Ivahó of Froturn was the real turning point - despite being assured once again, that their freedom to practice their religion wouldn't be infringed upon (that only missionaries caught trying to convert Titanists would be prosecuted and punished), Naturalists living in Froturn - Humans, Half-Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves - began fearing for their safety, and many decided to migrate to Dragoc.