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0th of Faneluin, 0 BEKE/AEKE


This template requires you to put Terran years as an input - Terran years may last 365.35 days, Artograchian years last 376 days.

This means that {{Date|800}} results in 14th of Anarlosse, 777 AEKE.

This template is recommended only if you are sure about nothing but the year of an event and want the month and day to be randomized - simply take the year, add random number between 0 and 1 to it, multiply it by 376 and divide it by 365.25, and put it into this template.

For some reason this always seems to result in code: {{Date|800}} to {{Date|800}} -> 14th of Anarlosse, 777 AEKE to 14th of Anarlosse, 777 AEKE.