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The Sodobane is a potion that is used to alter people's sexual orientation if they are not attracted to the opposite sex, or increase their libido, if they are attracted to the opposite sex. Usage of this potion is approved the Inquisition, even though it has aroused some controversy, as its usage is considered by several to border on outright mind control, and the fact that it is addictive doesn't help either. Supporters of the potion on the other hand claim otherwise.

Normally, the Sodobane has a purple-ish texture.


The potion was said to be invented in 274 AEKE in Froturn, by a pacifistic monk who sought to find a peaceful way to eliminate sodomy, without having to kill sodomites or violently force them to cease their sodomy. After it's supposed invention, the potion quickly found a lot of costumers - overwhelmingly closeted homosexuals with wealth, who wanted to be attracted to the opposite sex. Soon, the potion found its way to the Inquisition in Etrand, which almost immediately began forcing convicted sodomites to drink it, rather than killing or castrating them like in the past. Demand became rather high, which prompted the Church to begin cultivating the potion's ingredients at their holdings.

Adverse effects

It didn't take long to realize that the potion had other effects too - such as increasing the sex drive, a very mild and short-lived intoxicating effect, and the various adverse effects, most notably, the potion being rather addictive. Some claim that it also increases fertility and virility, but this has been mostly a speculation that has been neither fully proven, not truly disproven yet.

When someone has stopped consuming the potion for a long time, the person may swing from heterosexual to bisexual - the chances of swinging back to full-on homosexual are very low. Also, there is a good chance that a person drinking the potion becomes bisexual instead of heterosexual.

Sodobane is also an addictive drug, and high levels of consumption are known to cause insomina, schrizophenia, depression, as well as even erectile dysfunction (for males, that is). Withdrawal symptoms include depression, poor cordination (similar to Parkinson's disease), loss of libido.


The Sodobane is made out of a combination of hot water, glowflower leaf extract, grinded roasted glowflower roots, cinnamon and lemon peel. At first, the lemon peel is put into water. Then the water must be heated. Before it becomes lukewarm, the glowflower leaf extract must be poured into the water and mixed in. Once it reaches near the boiling point, the water must be poured over a filter containing the powderized roasted glowflower roots. Finally, the cinnamon is mixed in, and optionally sugar or honey too, to improve flavor. The mixture can be drunk both hot and cold, but hot is recommended, as it tastes like coffee.

If brew correctly, the potion is supposed to have a purple texture, and emit an eerie purple light in the dark.

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