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Second Spice War

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Second Spice War
Part of the Spice Wars
Result Decisive Gabyrian victory
Pepetoka States

The Second Spice War was a conflict between the Principality of Gabyr and the various Pepetoka states of the Southern Reyang Peninsula. The Kingdom of Etrand and Earldom of Etrancoast also took parts in the war, although their contribution was almost exclusively in form of infantry. It was also the last of the Spice Wars that did not involve the Empire of Týrýng, which would start to get involved in the Spice Wars starting from the Third Spice War.


See also: First Spice War

After the half-success of the First Spice War, the Gabyrians remained resentful that only a handful of Pepetoka tribes took their threats seriously and began selling cheap spices and gems. The Gabyrians were unwilling to use their own meager land army to besiege Pepetoka cities - which were relatively strongly guarded - but after the bitter half-success of the First Spice War - which they considered and important learning experience - they were unwilling to call onto Keldornish aid.

Having realized that Etrand was the biggest consumer of imported spice and gems, the Gabyrians went to the Etrandish with an offer King Bryant I of Etrand believed he could not refuse. At the time, the Etrandish still haven't fully reconciled with the Gabyrians, even though the last of the Cymbairan Wars happened half a century ago.

This is an offer we simply cannot refuse. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not just to mend our bad relations with Gabyr and override centuries of bitter conflict, but also to give our young and glory-hungry adventurers and soldiers a chance to prove themselves. Yes. A hundred times yes.
This may be the beginning of a new age. An age of prosperity for us.
King Bryant I of Etrand

The Gabyrians offered Etrand a discount in Pepetoka goods and a share in profits from trade with the Pepetoka in exchange for taking part in a conflict that would involve forcing the Pepetoka to trade with Gabyr at the point of a sword. Listening to the Etrandish call to war, Etrancoast too jumped on the bandwagon, reasoning that as a nation of seamen, it was also in their interest to get a share from the Eastern trade too and get on the good side of Gabyr.

The War

Etrandish and Etrancoasti contribution

The Kingdom of Etrand and Earldom of Etrancoast contributed to the war by three types of troops:

  • Etrandish and Etrancoasti volunteering adventurers, who went to Gabyr, volunteering to take part in the war, under the belief that having to fight against frog-men is a small price to pay for lots of potential loot and a free journey to the East and back to home.
  • Etrandish and Etrancoasti mercenaries, who were hired by Gabyr
  • Actual Etrandish soldiers previously serving the king, who were "loaned out" to Gabyr, the King placing them under Gabyrian command for the duration of the war, returning to normal Etrandish service after the conclusion of the war.

Etrand and Etrancoast contributed little to no ships to the war, except maybe for a few transports to take home the loot that the royal soldiers took. Every other ship was Gabyrian - the Gabyrian navy was the most active participant in the war.

Siege of Pepetoka cities, Gabyrian policies

During the duration of war, a large number of Pepetoka cities were blockaded. Siege engines were put on the ships and used in order to bomb the Pepetoka into submission.

The Etrandish and Etrancoasti volunteers, mercenaries and "borrowed soldiers" were openly encouraged by the Gabyrians to plunder, commit acts of terrorism in order to strike fear into the hearts of the Pepetoka. When ever the borrowed soldiers captured a city after a successful assault, they would hand over control to the Gabyrians, as the agreement stated. The Gabyrians then would install puppet governors, or in some cases, establish colonies.

The Gabyrians also captured Pepetoka slaves, and transported them to their island colonies - not to Gabyr itself. Part of the getting-rich scheme of the Gabyrians was appropriating some of the treasures the Etrandish and Etrancoasti adventurers looted in exchange for taking them home.

Conclusion and aftermath

The war was a decisive victory for the Gabyrians, who have managed to establish outposts and trading posts on the Southern Reyang Peninsula. Many Pepetoka were enslaved and sold off by the Gabyrians, the Etrandish and Etrancoasti soldiers looted a large quantity of treasures and took home a good deal of trophies. As a result of the treaties that ended the war, the Pepetoka were forced to sell the Gabyrians spice and gems for a fixed price, while the Gabyrians were to share a minuscule portion of the profits with the Etrandish.

In the Occident, the result of this war was a sudden drop in the price of gems and spices, an increase in the consumption of spicy food.

In the Orient, the result was the Empire of Týrýng growing wary of Gabyrian presence on the Reyang Peninsula, starting to gear up for an eventual and inevitable confrontation with Gabyr.