Republic of Keldorn

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Language: English  • magyar
Republic of Keldorn
104 AEKE–{{{year_end}}}
Flag of Keldorn
Coat of arms
Occident Overlay.svg
Keldorn Overlay.svg
     Keldorn today
CapitalMagnus Nex Urbs
Common languagesOfficial language:
Keldorni Etrandish
Minority languages:
Gaildaurn/Geldorn, as well as various immigrant languages
Religion Atheism
GovernmentOligarchic republic, Kleptocracy
104 AEKE

The Republic of Keldorn is a state located on the isle with the same name, founded in the aftermath of Dead Man's Rise - called "the Great Exodus" - by Yenos the Dark and Swidhelm Folkling.

Republic of the Undead. Mindless skeleton and zombie workers everywhere. In most of the existing countries, the vast majority of the people are citizens of the state, and are capable of thinking. Not here. The vast majority are mindless undead skeletons and zombies, working for their masters. Their masters are the citizens. Good solution: if the majority are mindless, they are incapable of a revolt.

The name of Keldorn itself comes from the Gaildaurn/Geldorn language.


The laws ask for absolute obedience to the council, but due to the corrupted and traitorous nature of the undead and the necromancers, this is not always so true. The richest bribe the members of the council.

As Keldorn is a republic, its ruler isn't a single person, instead an 5-member council. The council consists of:

The government of Keldorn is rather weak. True power lies not in the hands of the government, but of whoever has the most money to spare, to bribe the government. While on paper, everyone is supposed to be absolutely obedient to the council, in reality, Keldorn is a land of lawlessness: vampire lords wage clan wars amongst each other all the time, werewolves tear each others' hearts out and Death Knights duel each other in broad daylight, and get away with it. Pretty much everyone who owns property needs to be either well-armed, hire mercenaries or use undead warriors to protect their property.


As of 831 AEKE, the total number of living and soul-owning undead beings in Keldorn is 259,000. The total population of Keldorn and Gabyr combined is 370,340, meaning that Keldorn has 69.94% of the island's population.

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