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Artograch is a diverse planet home to many races. We divide the various sapient species native to Artograch into two major categories, even though some races - such as Dragons and Winged Cobras - do not fit into either of the two categories.

Nation Races

The so called "nation races" are called so, because they act as equivalents to real-life ethnic groups: they have their own languages and religions, often create their own nation states, dominate their own state and are present as minorities in other states. To be considered a "nation race", a species must be sapient, must reproduce in a manner similar to that mundane animals (either as mammals or via eggs) and fulfil at least two of these conditions:

  • Be currently present in relatively high numbers, or have a history of being a dominant force on the continent
  • Have their own spoken language
  • Be known for practising one or more religions
  • Have their own national identity

Some species - such as Lizardmen were historically a dominant force on the continent, but since have been marginalized into becoming lingering swamp tribes - still, they preserve their own culture, language and religion. The Humans have originally had their own religion, which they abandoned in favour of Titanism, but they have not one but two spoken languages and separate national identities - Etrandish and Etrancoasti.

List of nation-races

Mystic Races, Wild Races

The "mystic races" (also called "mystical wild races") and "wild races" (also called "mundane wild races") are two - more often than not overlapping - categories that are contrasted with the "nation races". These species have never ever formed their own nation states, are known for not possessing their own spoken language and religion (but even if they do, they are known for assimilating to the culture and religion of nation races extremely fast), and for their relative rarity compared to the nation races. In other words, these species lack political influence and power, are irrelevant as far as geopolitics go. If the "nation races" are to be considered the Artograchian equivalents of real-life ethnic groups, then the "wild races" may be sapient versions of wild animals, creatures with almost zero influence on the interactions between civilizations and how history unfolds itself, save for a few isolated events.

Two well-kwown "mundane" wild sapient species are Minotaurs and Centaurs. The earlier live underground and are largely enslaved by the Dark Elves, while the latter live and migrated mainly in herds, not unlike actual wild horses. Both of them are relatively marginal in numbers and don't really effect politics.

Three well-known "mystical" wild sapient species are Medusas, Fairies and Leprechauns: they always seem to speak the language of whoever encounters them, and even though they are confirmed to be physical creatures rather than ghosts or illusions, no one has ever witnessed any specimen of these species eating, giving birth, growing older, being born or dying naturally, or having any sort of metabolism at all. It is universally believed that these species are of magical origins and are completely unrelated to any other form of life. Unlike other, more mundane species which reproduce sexually and evolve over time, these mystical creatures seem to be results of spontaneous creation.

These "wild" sapient humanoid species - "mundane" and "mystical" alike - are completely nonexistent in areas inhabited by the "nation races" - save for a few specimen who were somehow convinced by adventurers to come with them -, and are relatively rare even in wilderness. Nevertheless, their presence in the wilderness has earned many of these species a place in fairy tales told by older members of the "nation races" to their children.

List of Wild Races

List of Mystic races