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To the most esteemed former general Culiphae,

Just because you were pardoned of the crimes of treason and rebellion when I declared amnesty with the rebels out of a desire not to needlessly spill the blood of good men who just happen to disagree with me on how to serve this country the best, do not feel so emboldened to make any sudden moves that you might regret. You have been pardoned of your past crimes, but not the future ones. I might not have any evidence to back up my claim, I have no doubts that you were at least partially responsible to the recent popular outrage directed at me and my fellow consul Lady Myrth'nddare. I may not have any evidence right now, woe be to you, if your dearest friends confess that you riled up the masses against my lawful and legitimate government that rules on behalf of our beloved and annointed monarch. You do well to remember that going against me equates to going against our lawful King. You will also do well to remember that your past crimes may have been forgiven, they were not forgotten, and we may not be so forgiving for your future crimes.

Ardryllus Sim'vara's letter to Válistus Culiphae