Queen Salvia of Froturn

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Queen Salvia the Great
Queen Tsalvia.png
Antique coin fragment from the Salvia-era
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race High Elf / Late Proto-Elf
Class Warrior
Birth 22th of Eregamandil, 1392 BEKE
Death 5th of Randametta, 1106 BEKE
Age Actual Age:
286 in Artograchian years,
295 in Terran years (at the time of death)
Apparent Age:
44 years
Religion Titanist Religion.svg Titanism
Consort unknown
Queen of Froturn
Reign ~1300-1106 BEKE
Successor King Saltrius the Weak

Queen Salvia the Great (Salvia; Classical High Elven: [sɐlwɪɐ̯]; High Elven: [sæːlvɪʔɑ~sæːlvɪjɑ]) or Tsëlwia (Archaic High Elven: XJLUIA ; IPA: [t͡səlwia]) was the first ruler of Froturn, ruling it from approximately ~1300 BEKE to 1106 BEKE.


Life before rulership

Uniting the clans

Wars with Fathred's Confederation




Salvia's original name was Tsëlwia (Archaic High Elven: XJLUIA ; IPA: [t͡səlwia]), which became Salvia (Classical High Elven: Salvia ; IPA: [sɐlwɪɐ̯]) in Classical High Elven, Sálvia (Middle High Elven: Sálvia ; IPA: [saːlviʔa~saːlvija]) in Middle High Elven - the pronounciation would only shift to [sæːlvɪʔɑ~sæːlvɪjɑ] in Current High Elven.

In Dragoc, she was known as Tsöruya (Archaic Wood Elven: caruqä ; IPA: [t͡səruja]) Archaic Wood Elven, which would evolve into Soruya (Classical Wood Elven: soruqä ; IPA: [soruja]) in Classical Wood Elven, remaining unchanged in Current Wood Elven. In Proto-Human, Salvia was known as Tselbia (Proto-Human: CELBIA ; IPA: [t͡selβiɑ]) in Proto-Human, which evolved into Selfǣ (Old Etrandish: SELFIA ; IPA: [selfæː]) in Old Etrandish and Tjelfja (Old Hulran: TJELFIA ; IPA: [t͡ɕelvjæ]) in Old Hulran.

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