Queen Izaverra of Etrand

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Queen Izaverra
Young Izaverra.jpg
Painting of a younger Izaverra, wearing her queenly crown, made in 812 (20 years ago)
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Birth 24th of Urnulina, 793 AEKE
Age 38 in Artograchian years,
39 in Terran years (as of 831 AEKE, 10th of Edhealasse)
Religion Titanist Religion.svg Titanism
Father Andrei of Brevia
Mother Wélda Bryling
Spouse King Orlónius I of Etrand
Children Markal
King of Etrand

Queen Izaverra (Etrandish: Izaverra ; IPA: [ɪzɑvɛrːɐ]) - born Izaverra Tondbertling (Etrandish: Izaverra ; IPA: [ɪzɑvɛrːɐ]) - is the current queen consort of Etrand. She is a Tondbertling, making her the very first Tondbertling to be anywhere near the Etrandish throne since the death of Queen Mythela of Etrand.

Early life

Izaverra was born on 24th of Urnulina, 793 AEKE, as the fourth daughter of Andrei of Brevia and his second wife, Wélda Bryling. It is said that Izaverra was so much more beautiful than her sisters, because of inheriting her looks from her mother, whom she did not share with her sisters. It is also said that she was a cheerful and cheeky girl who was usually happy, smiling and singing. The beautiful noble girl lived the typical sheltered life a noble during that time. She was tutored by a monk, who taught her how to read and write, knowledge that is expected of nobility, regardless of gender. The same monk was also her caretaker, due to her early health problems, which included hemophilia.

Much of her early life was spent sheltered in her idyllic home, at the gardens of her father's castle, where the beautiful childe lived a rather happy life. It is said that even her father was "taken" by her beauty and saw her more as an angel or a fairy than an actual human being, hence the sheltering in the idyllic environment. They only interrupts to this shelter were the times when she needed to be educated, to acquire the knowledge required of a noble...

She turned out to be a rather frail daughter, unfit for even those duties of physical nature that are expected of noble women. Hence, they went easy on her, giving her plenty of free time to walk in the garden, chase butterflies and rub the heads of cats. Private tutors educated her, including the monk that took care of her early on: she was taught history and etiquette. Sending her to the Royal Academy of Grandfolk was considered, but due to her frail body and fairy-like appearence, the idea was dropped. Even her father claimed "Such a beauty fairy would only be uglied, tarnished and defiled by the evils of society."

But in 809, her father had a sudden change of heart - when Crown Prince Orlónius announced his desire to get married and petitioned for the noble families to present their débutantes in front of him, so that he could choose one to marry, Andrei decided to present Izaverra to the royal court in hopes of convincing the crown prince to marry his daughter. In the end, Orlónius did in fact end up choosing Izaverra: the couple got married on 19th of Anarkalina, 809 AEKE, and after the wedding was consumated, Izaverra became pregnant with Markal, their eldest son.

Izaverra personally witnessed that the royal court's happiness would prove to be short-lived, as just one month after the wedding, a letter has arrived to her new father-in-law King Calhoun, informing him of the beginning of the Froturnish Civil War, asking him for help. While Izaverra's husband Orlónius actively volunteered to lead the intervention forces, the king decided that the one to go would be his eldest son, Prince Bryant, who ended up returning heavily wounded and cursed. Prince Bryant died six months after the Battle of Ancestors Field, leaving King Calhoun so depressed, that he himself would die of the sorrow two weeks afterwards.

The death of King Calhoun put Izaverra's husband Orlónius on the throne, making her the Queen Consort of Etrand.

Queen Consort

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