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So, you would like to create a character? Jolly good! I am here to tell you how it is done, what are the exacts steps for it.

Creating the Character


  1. You need an account on this wiki. To do that, you must request an account, preferably with the desired character name, but that is not necessary. If you do not get your account approved in time, you need to contact the man himself. You can find his contact details on his userpage.
  2. You should see the various races that can be played. Your best bet is to see the table of races in Artograch. You can request a custom race, but this requires actual discussions with the man himself.
  3. You should pick a class for your character. It is entirely optional, but not picking a class means that it is heavily implied that your character is an ordinary citizen with no expertise in fighting, magic or stealth.
  4. You should read around a bit about the various countries and religions. If confused or feeling lacking in knowledge, just consult with the man himself. Also be sure to take a look around existing characters to see if you find a faction your character would be a part of.
    • Be aware that the world is in the Middle Ages. Atheists are very rare (except in Keldorn, where they are in majority), and never open about the lack of belief. Light-aligned Good characters are generally going to be religious, while Dark-aligned Evil characters are going to be either Atheists or followers of a dark religion. It is also worth noting that since it's the Middle Ages, not following the state religion - or criticizing the state religion - can get one arrested and even killed in most countries.
  5. Decide the birth date for your character. Currently, in the world, it is 10th of Edhealasse, 831 AEKE. See Months, years and days.
  6. Decide on various other side characteristics as well, such as family, marital status, birthplace, etc.
  7. Last but not least, make up a name for your character. On this, your best bet is to consult with the the man himself.
    1. Generally, you want to avoid names that sound like real-life people's names. Names like "John", "Julius", "Maria", "Yukari", "Jack" are to be avoided like plague.
    2. High Elven first names should end with "-a", if with female, "-us" or "-o" if male. Also, avoid using the letters K, J, W. Use C, I/Y and V instead.
    3. Wood Elven names should contain only either open syllables, or syllables ending with "n". This means that the name "Arte" is wrong, but "Ante" and "Arate" are okay. Also, don't use L - their language only has R. Don't use V either - use W or B instead. Using doubled consonants like "tt" and "pp" is okay though.
    4. For Human names, pretty much anything goes. Your best bet is to create an English-sounding or medieval-sounding name. Just remember rule number one: no real-life names.

Getting your character approved

There are two paths for getting your character approved, but both ways require you to write a biography for your character. After that, one way is to consult with the man himself, who will create an article for your character... The other way is to take matters into your own hands, and look into Template:Infobox character before writing the article for your character.

A character picture is optional, but heavily recommended.