Plains Lizardman languages

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Language: English
Plains Lizardman
Ká Wei Jai
Pronunciation[kʰa˥˩ wei̯ ɖ͡ʐai̯]
RegionEtrand and Froturn
ExtinctBetween 1500 and 1000 BEKE
Lizardman cuneiforms
Language codes
ISO 639-3

The Plains Lizardman language was a family closely of related anguages - or even just a single proto-language that never had the chance to diverge into separate languages - that was historically spoken in the territory of today's Etrand and Froturn. Most speakers were killed during Proto-Elven invasion of Artograch between 1500-1000 BEKE, any remaining survivors sought refuge in Southern Etrand where they were assimilated by the speakers of the Swamp Lizardman languages - some may have travelled down to what would later become the Free City of Charnek, getting assimilated by the speakers of the Charnek Lizardman language. This resulted in the Swamp Lizardman languages and the Charnek Lizardman langauge remaining the only exant members of the Continental Lizardman family, with the Plains Lizardamn language family going extinct.

Aside from sparse written texts, the only remaining legacy of the Plains Lizardman languages is the loanwords it left in the Old Dwarven language, the Archaic High Elven language and the Proto-Human language and their respective descendants.

Evolution from the Common Continental Lizardman language

  • Vowel mergers, such as /ɛ/ and /e/, /a/ and /ɒ/, /ə/ and /ø/
  • Diphthongization of syllables ending with the glottal stop /ʔ/, with the glottal stop disappearing, such as:
    • /aʔ//au̯/
    • /ɛʔ//ei̯/
    • /oʔ//ou̯/
    • /əʔ//əy̯/
    • /iʔ//jɛ/
    • /yʔ//wɛ/
    • /ɨʔ//jə/
    • /uʔ//wo/
  • The dipthongization of any remaining open syllable /ɛ/, /o/ and /ə/ into /ei̯/, /ou̯/ and /əy̯/
  • Later variants show the opposite tendency: monopthongization of diphthongs and an introduction of a vowel length distinction of some sorts. The only proof is in loanwords from this language to the ones that ended up replacing it.