Order of White Magicians

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Language: English
Order of White Magicians
Order Of White Mages.svg
Active395 AEKE - present
AllegianceKingdom of Etrand
TypeTitanist semi-Clerical Order
HeadquartersTemple Aezentair, Kingdom of Etrand

The Order of White Magicians is - despite its name - a Titanist Clerical order in Etrand. Despite its name, it is not an order of Magicians, but actually of "semi-Clerics" - people trained in Clerical Magic, but not expected to hold liturgies. They act similar to an order of monks, but without forced celibacy or ban on marriage - members of the order are encouraged to marry, but are required to remain virgin until their marriage, and may not marry anyone outside of the faith: they are encouraged to marry Clerics or Knights.

In fact, only a minority of the order's members are ordained priests, since those who begin working for the Church as priests usually find it difficult to keep time to attend to their duties to the Order. Over the years, obligations to the order has become laxed, and now it functions more like a guild than a monastic order.


Notable members