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Language: English  • magyar
Total population
c. 86,140
Regions with significant populations
Brutangc. 60,000
Etrand shield.svg Etrandc. 12,000
Keldorn shield.svg Keldornc. 10,000
Gabyr shield.svg Gabyrc. 1,440
Etrancoast shield.svg Etrancoastc. 1,400
Froturn shield.svg Froturnc. 1,300
predominentaly Orcish Religion

Orcs are a race native (but not exactly indigenous) to the continent of Artograch, having supposedly evolved from a renegade group of Wood Elves in the aftermath of the Great War, making them partially a sister-race to the Dark Elves who would appear around twenty centuries later.

Orcs have slightly longer livespan than humans, ageing at roughly one third of the speed: a 50-year old orc is biologically equivalent to 28 year-old Human, a 100 years old orc is essentially 44, and so on.

Orcs have an average height of 210 centimetres, or roughly 83 inches, or roughly 6 feet and 11 inches. Orcs are well-known for one of the most muscular races, albeit their green skin, shorter lifespan and ugly faces give people the impression that they have more in common with the Goblins and Ogres than the Wood Elves they supposedly descended from. Their true origins still remain a mystery, as it remains impossible to tell legend from reality.

Orcs continue the old warlike traditions of the earlier Wood Elves from before the times they embraced pacifism and spiritualism. Their tribal warrior culture gives them the image of uncivilized, savage barbarians in the eyes of other races (and makes said other races unwilling to have free orcs live amongst them), but their prowess as warriors and strength as working hands cannot be disputed, making them sought-after as both mercenaries and slaves alike. With positive stereotypes about strength, endurance, loyalty and honesty come negative stereotypes about aggression, disregard for the law and an ungovernable sexual appetite leading to rape.

Native populations

The average Orkish male and female.


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Orcish diaspora


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Gabyr and Keldorn

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Attributes (FRPG)

Enabled aligment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 10 20
Agility 7 17
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 10 20
Charisma 6 16