Orcish Religion

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Orcish Religion
Orcish Religion.svg
The symbol of the Orcish religion.
Sacred languagenone (vernacular language is always used)

There are two deities that compliment each other.

Nature of Godhood

The divine inhabit the world around us. In every forest and in every oasis their influence can be experienced.


The world was created by two opposing forces, who formed the Earth and the Heavens respectively.


There are spirits all around us, defining our lives and determining our paths.

Divine Guidance

Avatars of the divine are born who lead our people to new planes of knowledge.

Holy Mortals
Venerated Ancestors

Our ancestors are worthy of praise and must be an object of prayer.


Prayer is obligatory to achieve divine favour.

Cross-Cultural Disposition
Communal Identity

Our faith and our culture are intrinsically linked together. This practice strengthens the bonds of our community, though it tends to exclude foreigners.

Eternal Feast

Those who have lived a good life and died like heroes are to spend an eternity feasting as a result - on the other hand, those who did not...

Judgement Day

There will come a day when all our actions will be judged.

Final Resting Place

From dust you came, to dust you shall return.

Asceticism vs Hedonism

The divine wishes not for us to needlessly suffer, but neither should we go to the other extreme in the blind pursuit of hedonism. It is the divine will that we seek the golden middle-ground.

Marriage type(s)

Since marriage is a holy union, having multiple marriages is clearly more holy than having just a single marriage — so long as each marriage is holy in and of itself.


Marriage is a sacred bond, but as long as their spouse takes priority one may be permitted to have concubines or consorts to engage with as well.

Stance on Marriage

Marriage is clearly a sacred bond.

Religious tradition
Oral Tradition

We have a set oral tradition, which our children learn from their parents-

Clerical wealth
No Restrictions

The clergy make money as they wish, it is no concern for the rest of us.

Clerical Tradition

Only sanctioned priests can be entrusted with upholding our faith's doctrines and, by extension, with managing and caring for our sacred places.

Clerical Gender

Members of both genders can be part of the clergy.

Clerical MarriageAllowed

Atonement is mandatory, meaning that when someone has sinned, he or she must talk with a priest or monk about it.

No Almsgiving

Alms would mean giving away our material wealth, it would give the peasants far too much power!

Stance on nudityNeutral
Stance on Same-Sex Relations

The sinful desires of sodomites are a danger to society itself, so they shall be punished and locked away for their transgressions.

Stance on Deviancy

There are some sexual practices which are simply abnormal and strange. It stands to reason that people with those desires are equally abnormal and strange.

Head of Faith

It is utter folly to assume that any one person can truly comprehend the will of the divine. We must follow our own hearts to discover what the divine plan for us is.

View on Gender
Male Dominated

Men are stronger and better equipped to lead us in this harsh and unforgiving world, so we shall entrust them with governing our society.

View on Divorce
Must be Approved

While the bonds of marriage should not be taken lightly, extenuating circumstances can sometimes make divorce a necessity.

View on Bastardry
No Bastards

Blood determines lineage, not marriage. Children born out of wedlock are just as legitimate as any other.

Male Adultery

There is nothing inherently wrong about a man deciding to engage in intercourse outside of marriage, so the decision is his alone.

Female Adultery

It is a crime for women to engage in intercourse outside of marriage, and they shall be punished accordingly.


The murder of one's family is no different from any other murder, and shall be treated in the same way.

Religious Attitude

Our faith is the one true faith, our word the one true word. Any deviation from the our holy text is inherently blasphemous.

Foundation~830 BEKE
Leader titlenone
Total population
c. 169,000
Regions with significant populations
Brutangc. 158,000
Etrand shield.svg Etrandc. 10,000
Froturn shield.svg Froturnc. 1,000

The Orcish Religion is the dominant religion of Brutang. The name is misleading, as it is not merely the ethnic religion of the Orcs, but is also practiced by Brutang's Goblin and Ogre populations as well. Orcish and Goblin diaspora is divided in practice of the religion: freed ones tend to convert to local religions, while slaves attempt to practice the Orcish religion.

Basic principles and rituals

Adherents of the Orcish Religion believe that the world is divided in two: the physical reality that they live in is called Hra'zarít, the realm of Hra'zah, the Earth Mother, who creates life from dirt and water; where living things live, die and are reborn in an eternal circle, but the most valiant of warriors break free from this circle and enter Guzbogrít, the realm of Guzbog, the Sky Father, where they spend their afterlife fighting in an arena, drinking the finest of drinks, eating the finest of food and being fondled and pampered by the most beautiful of women.

In an effort to break out of Hra'zarít and ascend to earn the right to enter Guzbogrít, warriors are excepted to prove that they are worthy by waging war in bounds with the Orcish Warrior Code (waging war against the descendants of Thorm'fa's enemies, never betraying allies, not showing weakness). Their belief is that the weak must fear the strong, but they also believe that the strong has a responsibility to follow the warrior code, and never be dishonourable: while displays of weakness are considered a sin, breaking one's oath is considered an even worse sin.

Under the belief that the strong has the right to treat the weak the way they like, the religion permits and condones slavery and rape, and is the only religion in Artograch to condone incest. Nevertheless, oathbreaking and betrayal are considered among the worst sins in this religion - oaths and debts are taken very seriously. Saving someone's life is supposed to be repaid by a "life debt", an oath to sacrifice one's life for the savior if there is an opportunity for that.

Another principle of the religion is that Hra'zah the Earth Mother and Guzbog the Sky Father are actively helping the Orcs, so long as they keep appeasing them, mostly with various rituals and sacrifices. Shamans communicate the will of these two divines, and also lead the ritual drumming, ritual fires and present the sacrifices - in case the sacrifice is a living being, it is the Shaman's duty to perform the kill.

Attitudes towards sexuality