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Language: English
A male ogre's head.
A male and female ogre.
Total population
c. 6,002
Regions with significant populations
Brutangc. 6,000
Neressa shield.svg Neressac. 2
Kobold and Orcish
Ancestor worship and shamanism, also Orcish Religion (only in Brutang)

The Ogres are a race indigenous to the Continent of Artograch, distantly related to (but incapable of interbreeding with) the Trolls (Ogres are sentient - Trolls are only semi-sentient, if at all). On average, their height is 250 centimetres (or 8 feet and 2.4252 inches), their weight is 200 kilograms (or 440.92 lb), their average expected lifespan is roughly 120 years. They are a naturally muscular race that performs well at physically demanding tasks and fighting.

While most races have their own language and religion, the Ogres never had their own language or religion - before the Orcs entered the pictures, they usually lived side-by-side with Goblins, primarily spoke the various Goblin languages (primarily Kobold), and their religion was the same mixture of ancestor worship and shamanism that the Goblins practice even to this day. They had a symbiotic relationship: the thriftyness and curiousity of Goblins brought goods into Brutang that enriched the land, while the strong hands and xenophobic tendencies of Ogres protected Brutang from outside influences.

Initially, the Orcish conquest of Brutang brought nothing but servitude to the indigenous Ogres - while the Goblins were viewed as smart and useful (which prevented their enslavement), and were employed as merchants and craftsmen under Orcish rule, the Ogres were viewed as dumb muscles useless for anything other than physically demanding menial labor, which caused their enslavement. Slowly and gradually, the Ogres eventually earned their freedom and equal status in all clans but the Bru'k, which continues to enslave them even to this day.

Just like what is the case with the Goblins living in Brutang, almost all Ogres living in Brutang are billingual in Orcish and Kobold, usually (but not always) having the earlier as their native tongue. Those Ogres who live in the wilderness instead of Orcish rule are typically monolingual Kobold-speakers.

Attributes (FRPG)

Enabled aligment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 12 22
Agility 7 17
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 12 22
Charisma 6 16