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The Middle Etrandish alphabet was a variant of the High Elven alphabet used for the Middle Etrandish language. Its descendants are the Etrandish alphabet and the Etrancoasti alphabet.

Differences from Middle High Elven

The dental fricatives /θ ð/ were written as 「th」.

The front rounded vowels /œ øː/ were written as 「eo eu」. /y yː/ were written as 「y ý」 , even though those letters stood for /i iː/ in Middle High Elven, and also for the semivowel /j/. Since 「y」 stood for both the vowel /y/ and the semivowel /j/, a new convention was made for /jy/ and /ju/ - the earlier would be written 「yu」 , the latter as 「iu」 .

While in Middle High Elven, the preferred way to write /t͡ʃa t͡ʃɛ t͡ʃi t͡ʃo t͡ʃu/ was 「cia ce ci cio ciu」, in Middle Etrandish, the preferred way was 「cha che chi cho chu」 (except in High Elven loanwords). The same way, the preferred way to write /d͡ʒ/ was 「j」 instead of 「gi」, not just word-initially. Likewise, the preferred way to write /ka kɛ ki ko ku/ may be 「ca che chi co cu」 in Middle High Elven, as opposed to the Etrandish 「ca ke ki co cu」 (except in High Elven loanwords).

The velar nasal /ŋ/ is written as 「ng」.

The letters

Pictogram Letter name Letter value
Capital Minuscule Romanization Pronounciation Romanization Value Numerical value
(See Numerical system)
Mophus.svg Mophus s.svg mofó /mɔfoː/ m /m/ 1
Pequus.svg Pequus s.svg pequó /pɛkʷoː/ p /p/ 2
Bauvus.svg Bauvus s.svg bawó /bɑwoː/ b /b/ 3
Farránus.svg Farránus s.svg farránó /fɑrːaːnoː/ f /f/ 4
Norus.svg Norus s.svg noró /nɔroː/ n /n/, /ɲ/, /ŋ/ 5
Tagom.svg Tagom s.svg tagó /tɑgoː/ t /t/, /t͡s/, /θ/, /ð/ 6
Dirum.svg Dirum s.svg déró /deːróː/ d /d/ 7
Sélta.svg Sélta s.svg sélta /seːltɑ/ s /s/, /ʃ/ 9
(greater 1)
Zapha.svg Zapha s.svg zapha /zɑfɑ/ z /z/ 10
(greater 2)
Sarcus.svg Sarcus s.svg sarcó /sɑrkoː/ none, used as numeral only 11
(greater 3)
Lepha.svg Lepha s.svg lepha /lɛfɑ/ l /l/, /ʎ/ 12
(greater 4)
Rámum.svg Rámum s.svg rámó /raːmoː/ r /r/ 13
(greater 5)
Carramfus.svg Carramfus s.svg karramfó /kɑrːɑmfoː/ k /k/ 14
(greater 6)
Cirrum.svg Cirrum s.svg cirró (guard) /t͡ʃirːoː/ c /k/, /t͡ʃ/, /ʃ/ 15
(greater 7)
Quallum.svg Quallum s.svg qualló /kʷɑlːoː/ q /k/ 16
(greater 8)
Gatus.svg Gatus s.svg gató /gɑtoː/ g /g/, /d͡ʒ/ none
Herrus.svg Herrus s.svg herró /hɛrːoː/ h /h/ Radix point
Amalus.svg Amalus s.svg amaló /ɑmɑloː/ a /ɑ/ Hexadecimal up
Ámálus.svg Ámálus s.svg ámáló /aːmaːloː/ á /aː/ none
Angum.svg Angum s.svg angó /ɑngoː/ none, used as numeral only 0
Enermus.svg Enermus s.svg enermó /ɛnərmoː/ e /ɛ/, /ə/ Negative sign
Enermus.svg Enermus s.svg énérmó /eːneːrmoː/ é /e/, /eː/ none
Ilnom.svg Ilnom s.svg ilnó /ilnoː/ i /i/, /j/ Octal up
Ílnom.svg Ílnom s.svg ílnum /iːlnoː/ í /iː/ none
Jilnom.svg Jilnom s.svg jélnó /d͡ʒeːlnoː/ j /d͡ʒ/ none
Orranta.svg Orranta s.svg orranta /ɔrːɑntɑ/ o /ɔ/ Hexadecimal double
Órranta.svg Órranta s.svg óranta /oːrɑntɑ/ ó /o/, /oː/ none
Untus.svg Untus s.svg untó /untoː/ u /u/, /w/, /Cʷ/ none
Úntus.svg Úntus s.svg úntó /uːntoː/ ú /uː/ none
Vuntus.svg Vuntus s.svg vuntó /vuntoː/ v /v/ Hexadecimal quad
Vuntus double.svg Vuntus double s.svg wuntó /wuntoː/ w /w/, /Cʷ/ 8
Ydum.svg Ydum s.svg ydó /ydóː/ y /y/, /j/ Ordinator
(optional, usually not written)
Ýdum.svg Ýdum s.svg ýdó /yːdoː/ ý /yː/ none


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