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Magicians - or Mages, or Wizards - a class that focuses on the usage of Arcane Magic.

It is never easy to become a magician. It's easier to start learning when you are a five years old child with a mind as open as the sea, but it gets more and more difficult as one progresses into the dreaded adulthood characterized by closed mind and getting used to the unchanging status quo. It can be said with good confidence that one of the most important things needed to learn (Arcane) Magic is an open mind. At least in the beginning. After one has successfully made the basics their own, it's up to them to choose their own path responsibly: the Light Side, the Dark Side, or the Neutral Side with its Elemental Magic. Not that most Magicians make such an absolute choice anyway, as Magicians who abhor Elemental Magic are very rare, regardless of alignment.

Magicians are most distinguished from Clerics by the fact that Magicians use Arcane Magic, while Clerics rely on Clerical Magic. Both have access to the three basic spells.

The Original FRPG

In the original forum-based RPG, being a Magician requires an Intelligence of 12, a Wisdom of 12 and a Charisma of 10.

Being a magician grants the character basic knowledge of the Ancient Language, as well as the unique feat of being able to sense magical energies around himself/herself.

Magicians have one prestige class, the Necromancer, and one dual-class prestige class: combining Warrior and Magician into Battlemage. The special prestige class Bard is also unlockable for Magicians.

The Games: 2012 and 2013

In the video game adaptations of the FRPG, Magicians have the lowest amount of base hitpoints, attack and defense out of all classes, they are not allowed to wear any armour heavier than leather armour, and their selection of weapons is limited to clubs, staffs, knives, daggers and shortswords. To compensate for that however, Magicians have the highest amount of base spellpoints, and access to almost all spells, with the exception of a few Cleric-specific and Druid-specific spells.