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House Londbert

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Language: English
House of Londbert
Noble house
House Londbert Shield.svg
Coat of Arms of the Londbert dynasty
CountryKingdom of Etrand
TitlesCounty of Myrrbaria
Grand County of Londbert (formerly)
Founded0~ AEKE
FounderOrrec of Londbert
Current headWaerbarró Londbert
Cadet branchesHouse Bryantling

The House of Londbert - also known as Londberten (Etrandish: Londberten ; IPA: [lɔndbəɹtʰɛn], meaning "of Londbert") - is a well-known but otherwise minor noble family in Etrand that is known for compensating for their lack of power and wealth by accentuating their connections to the Bryantid dynasty (the current ruling house of Etrand), as well as bragging about their long and proud history.

They used to be one of the major noble houses of Etrand, but now they are a minor player. Throughout the family's history, many of the less talented heads of the family have managed to gradually gamble away much of the family's lands, both figuratively and literally, until they had no more land to gamble away, until they were stuck with just one small county - the County of Myrrbaria.


Origins and etymology

The name of the noble family - Londbert - literally translates to grape-field. It's two components "lond" (grape) and "bert" (field) come from the Proto-Human "lundaz" (Proto-Human: LWNDAZ ; IPA: [l̪und̪ɑz̺]) and "birtaz" (Proto-Human: BJRTAZ ; IPA: [bir̺t̪ɑz̺]). While the earlier was a loanword from Archaic High Elven "londos", the latter was a native Etrandish word.

The name of the family is indicative of their "ancestral estate", the now-defunct Grand County of Londbert, Etrand's main supplier of wine - the warm and Mediterranean climate of the region they controlled was the perfect place for growing grapes, and while their products were considered inferior to the more expensive Froturnish vintages, the people of the region were still proud of being Etrand's main wine region.

The family itself originated from close relatives of King Corlagon himself - the founder being Orrec, half-brother of Corlagon, Orrec's wife Eraeda being the cousin of Corlagon. Because the house was founded by relatives of King Corlagon, rather than actual descendants of the aforementioned king, the Londbert family was never considered and will never be considered a cadet branch or offshoot of the Corlagonid dynasty.

The dynasty's founder, Orrec was given the land that historians would later call the Grand County of Londbert after the Kingdom of Etrand was founded, making the Londbert family one of the oldest noble houses of Etrand.

Place in the limelight

Stagnation and decline


Current state of affairs

Notable members

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