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Lamrion / The Forest of Hate
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Location of Talon within Etrand. Lamrion is supposed to be several hours of walking distance from Talon at most.
StateKingdom of Etrand
Enemieswerewolves, grey wolves, slimes, vampires
First AppearenceWays of Darkness FRPG (as Lamrion)
Ways of Darkness 2012 (as the Forest of Hate)

The Forest of Hate, also known as Lamrion is a location within the Kingdom of Etrand, stated to be near the town of Talon. It is reputed to be a hideout of various undead beings that prey on the living after sunset, but so far no one has been able to prove the rumour to be anything more than a superstition - or rather, no one lived to tell the tale of what they encountered in Lamrion.


It cannot be proven for certain if the Forest of Hate even exists at all to begin with, but legend has it, that history of this mysterious forest is older than that of the Kingdom of Etrand - rumour has it that the suppsoed-location of present-day Lamrion (if it even exists to begin with) was a graveyard during the existence of the Ancient Lizardman Empire. Not just any graveyard, but a great complex of temples, crypts and a huge garden for the gravestones. It is said that during the time the human race was in its most expansionist mood, they stumbled upon the temple complex, and the expected happened: they looted, then destroyed the structures. The legend says that this act of desecration ignited the wrath of the spirits of those burried here, who would start haunting the area, scaring away or killing all humans who dared to venture to the area again.

Not even the origins of the legend itself can be werified, but it is known for certain that people who lived in or near Talon have been wary of that neearby forest northeast to the town's location for a long time. The legend went through an evolution after the Expulsion of the Undead in 104 - the sudden widespread awareness of the undead caused the legend of Lamrion to evolve from domain of vengeful lizardman wraiths and spectres to hideout of necromancers, vampires, theriantropes, and various other non-spiritual undead.

Ever since that, people have been reporting werewolf attacks coming from the supposed location, many have claimed to see werewolves while venturing near the forest, there have been cases of people disappearing in the forest and not returning, but so far, no one has lived to tell the tale about what really lurks in the Forest of Hate.


Originally, Lamrion and the Forest of Hate were two separate locations (the latter wasn't even part of the canon) until the 2th of April, 2018, when Zsolt Tóth decided to merge the two locations into one. Further work is required to integrate the two canons into one.


Originally in the forum-based RPG, Lamrion was intended to be a secret hideout for werewolves, but the location never got any details, merely remaining an ambigious location of interest having a connection to the village of Talon.

The 2012 game

In the 2012, the Forest of Hate was a forest that appeared completely normal and ordinary during the morning, but would be teeming with werewolves, regular wolves and slimes during the night, all preying on the player. The forest also had two points of interest: an abandoned wooden cabin that the player is forced to sleep in to encounter Ignatius the Necromancer, and a hidden palace owned by the very same unnamed vampire who turned Dermaglen into a vampire. After defeating said vampire, the player is rewarded with the mansion, and the forest ceases being haunted by the aforementioned beasts during the night, becoming completely safe. The mansion - by its description - sounds eerly similar to Castle Tarjeng.

When the player visited the forest at daytime - when it was completely safe, free of monsters of any type - the song that played was a remix/rearrange of "Rock Rockland" from "Suikoden", named "Tren.mp3" in the game files.