Ladislaus Dominus

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Ladislaus Dominus
Ladislaus restored.png
Canonical look in Ways of Darkness
Vital statistics
Race Human
Class Battlemage
Birth Unknown
Religion Titanist Religion.svg Titanism
Alignment Neutral Neutral
Physical attributes
Height 174 cm / 5ft 8.5in
Weight 89 kg / 196lb
First appearence Emergence of Darkness
Designed by Zsolt Tóth
Voiced by Mattias Steisner (2012)

Ladislaus Dominus (Etrandish: Ladislaus Dominus ; IPA: [lɑdɪslɐʊ̯s dɔmɪnʊs] Gnome-speakernotes.png) is Human mercenary Battlemage. He is directly based off László Dornfeld, as his name Ladislaus is the Latinization of the Hungarian "László", and his appearance in the 2012 game resembles that of the person he is based off.

He did not make an appearance in the Ways of Darkness FRPG, nor in any of the Alternate World games. He debuted in Emergence of Darkness, later making an appearence in the 2012 game.


Ways of Darkness, the 2012 game

Ladislaus1.svg Ladislaus2.png

Ladislaus plays relatively minor role, though he is member of the party, and Nemezish says that he was a childhood friend of Stephanus. Neither Stephanus, nor Ladislaus ever mention that, but since they do not deny it, it is implied to be true. Ladislaus stays behind with Ildor to defend Talon while the protagonist, Gnarog, Nemezish and Stephanus go to kill the vampire. According to Gnarog, Ladislaus fel in love with "a blond girl from Talon" (Maria Couroughis, based on Marisa Kirisame from Touhou, and the fact that László's waifu was Marisa for a while).

Ways of Darkness, the 2013 game

Ladislaus3.svg Ladislaus4.png

Ladislaus was planned to appear in the game, but as the game never made it beyond planning stage, nothing was produced. Due to the personal fallout between Zsolt Tóth and László Dornfeld, there is a good chance he will not make appearances in future creations.