List of Kings of Etrand

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Royal Crown of Etrand

The Kingdom of Etrand is a feudal monarchy, hence it is ruled by kings and queens. Etrand is an agnatic-cognatic primogeniture, meaning that the preferred successor is the oldest male offspring of the previously reigning king, followed by the oldest female offspring if a male offspring is not available, then the king's siblings if the king died childless, or an election if the king had no siblings.

During the history of Etrand, elections have been invoked only at one time, when King Swidhelm got elected after the extinction of the (main line of the) Hengistid dynasty. On the other hand, the the Hengistid and Bryantid dynasties were founded by males who were married to the daughter of the previous king.

Fathred's Confederation (BEKE)

# Family relations Reign
1 Fathred the Great 1138-1110
Interregnum (Civil War: 1110 – 1106)
2 Guthbard son of Fathred 1106

Kingdom of Etrand (AEKE)

Corlagonid dynasty

# Name Family relations Reign Coin
1 King Corlagon I the Founder 0-17 King Corlagon.png
2 King Symon I the Inquisitor son of Corlagon 17-43 -
3 King Coenred I son of Symon 43-69 -
4 King Cuichelm I younger brother of Coenred 69-71 -

Hengistid dynasty

# Name Family relations Reign Coin
5 King Hengist I husband of Cuichelm's daughter 71-101 King Hengist.png
6 King Hereric I the Blood-Handed son of Hengist 101-106 King hereric.png
7 King Osric I the Usurper younger brother of Hereric 106-108 -
8 King Hereric I the Blood-Handed son of Hengist 108-117 King hereric.png
9 King Sighard I the Builder son of Hereric 117-145 -

Tondbertid dynasty

# Name Family relations Reign Coin
10 King Swidhelm I the Old son of an unknown count 145-146 King swidhelm.png
11 King Tondbert I the Pious son of Swidhelm 146-182 King Tondbert.png
12 King Aiden I the Merchant son of Tondbert 182-210 -
13 King Amergin I the Milk-Drinker son of Aiden 210-234 King Amergin I.png
14 King Andrei I the Wise son of Amergin 234-275 -
15 King Cuthbert I the Defender son of Andrei 275-318 King Cuthbert.png
16 King Adalmund I the Rich son of Kuthbert 318-356 -
17 King Aethelwine I the Cruel son of Adalmund 356-389 -
18 King Bowen I the Inquisitor son of Aethelwine 389-421 King bowen.png
19 King Boyd I the Conciliator son of Bowen 421-456 -
20 King Cadeyrn I son of Boyd 456-498 -
21 King Broderick I son of Cadeyrn 498-525 -
22 King Hereric II son of Broderick 525-556 -
23 King Alcott I son of Hereric II 556-580 -
24 King Athelstan I the Merciful son of Alcott 580-604 -
25 King Hengist II son of Athelstan 604-630 -
26 King Hereric III son of Hengist II 630-664 King Hereric III.png
27 King Bourn I son of Hereric III 664-688 King bourn.png
28 King Calder I the Unready son of Bourn 688-718 King Calder I.png
29 Queen Mythela daughter of Calder 718-718/744 Queen Mythela I.png

Bryantid dynasty

# Name Family relations Reign Coin
29 King Bryant I the Just husband of Calder's daughter Mythela 718-744 King Bryant.png
30 King Cairbré I the Wise son of Byrant 744-789 King Cairbre.png
31 King Calhoun I the Sad son of Cairbre 789-809 King Calhoun.png
32 King Orlonius I son of Calhoun 809- King orlonius.png