Killer Life

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Killer Life
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StateRepublic of Keldorn
CityMagnus Nex Urbs
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The Killer Life is a Keldornish inn and tradehouse located in Magnus Nex Urbs. It is a building with looks that the undead deem attractive. It is a black market (if such a thing can even exist in Keldorn, where the laws are extremely lax), where one can buy pretty much anything. They also serve drinks and have rentable rooms for lodging. The building is own by a ghost, who controls 20 zombies to fufill the needs of his clients. All business transactions take place on the bottom floor, which must be communicated with the owner, as the zombies have no consciousness of their own.



The place was first described on the 1st of Januarry, 2010, on the ProBoards forum, then on the phpBB2 forum on the 6th of April, 2010, where its description did not change.