Kelu e Taure

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Kelu e Taure
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The location of Kelu e Taure within the Principality of Artaburro
StatePrincipality of Artaburro
Populationc. Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[".
EthnicitiesHalf-Elves and Wood Elves
Established274 AEKE
Points of interestThe Scrawny Oak Inn

Kelu e Taure (Wood Elven: Kelu e Taure ; IPA: [kɛlu ɛ tau̯ɾɛ]) is an Artaburran border town near the Artaburran border with Dragoc. As such, it is inhabited by Half-Elves and Wood Elves alike. This is a town with economic functions, focused on trade.



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