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Ádám Nyiri - also known as Jaszami - is a former contributor to the Ways of Darkness franchise, and a former acquintance of Zsolt Tóth and Kriszta, having largely gone offline and not heard of since 2014ish. Like those two mentioned, he's Hungarian.

Relevant biography

Contact with the team

Jaszami first joined the FRPG on the 27th of December, 2009, precisely at 6:44 PM,, but he was already an acquintance of Zsolt Tóth and Kriszta beforehand - Jaszami was roleplayer at "Boulderonok kora" (The Age of Boulderons), at which both Tóth and Kriszta were roleplayers. Next to Tóth and Kriszta, Jaszami was the third admin at the website. At the time, his main contributions were giving descriptions to placenames.


Jaszami's contributions include the Order of the Eternal Crystal Flower, Scatama Salorium, and some minor lore regarding Dragons and Lizardmen.


Ever since 2014ish, he hasn't been active. He and Tóth occasionally still chat up on Skype - perhaps once a year - but otherwise, he's inactive, and has expressed an explicit lack of interest in further contributing to the franchise.

Personal life

Aside from his real name and his nationality (Hungarian, like Zsolt Tóth and Kriszta), nothing is known about Jaszami. As he has expressed a clear lack of desire to contribute again, it's highly unlikely that he'll return to team, and it's also unlikely that we'll learn more about him.