Ignátius the Necromancer

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Language: English
Vital statistics
Race Human
Class Necromancer, formerly Cryomancer
Birth Unknown
Religion none (atheist)
Alignment Lawful Evil
First appearence Ways of Darkness (2012 game)
Designed by Zsolt Tóth
Voiced by Ignacy Przybylski (2012)

Ignátius (Etrandish: Ignatius ; IPA: [ɪgnaːt͡sɪʊs]) is a human Cryomancer-turned-Necromancer, who has managed to achieve immortality without becoming undead himself. He was the main antagonist of the unfinished and cancelled 2012 game.


Ways of Darkness, the 2012 game

Ignatius 2012 Sprite.svg Ignatius 2012 Face.png

Ignatius was the main antagonist of the game, albeit the game was also intended to offer the player a chance to turn to the Dark Side and join Ignatius' side at one point. His main henchman was Dermaglen. His exact motivations were never revealed in the game.

Ignatius' full name in the game was Ignatius Psobelcus, named after his voice actor Ignacy Przybylski, who protested and would have preferred him to be named Ignatius Venius. Ignatius does not have a last name in the official canon.

Ways of Darkness, the 2013 game

Ignatius 2013 Face A.png Ignatius 2013 Face B.png

Ignatius was intended to appear in the 2013 game, albeit not as the main antagonist, but rather as a potential party member (or the player's boss and mission control) if the player decided to play as an Evil character on the Dark Side.

Future appearences

Ignatius was confirmed as a canon character by Zsolt Tóth, who claims, that Ignatius will definitely make appearences in future media, albeit it is highly unlikely that he'll be voiced by Ignacy Przybylski. Among other things, he was originally intended to be an ally of Ashrám Wegnard in a cancelled cartoon directed by Ábrahám Zsolt.