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Language: English  • magyar
37 EKAU–{{{year_end}}}
Coat of arms
Occident Overlay.svg
Hroz Overlay.svg
The Hro'z today
StatusOrcish Clan
Common languagesOrcish and Kobold
Religion Orcish Religion
GovernmentTribal monarchy / Chiefdom
• Fall of the Kingdom of the Orcs
Preceded by
20px Kingdom of the Orcs

The Hro'z is one of the four major orcish clans of Brutang, with the other three being Bru'k, Kro'm and Pri'd. They're not a particularly friendly people. They are known for being rather honourless, enslaving even those surrendered foes who dropped their weapons after being told do so after venturing too close to their territory - however, they also treat their slaves slightly better than some of the more notorious clans. They also have a strange tradition, in which they let non-orcish women go free, if they agree to get impregnated by an orc - a tradition which makes even other orcs stratch their heads.