House of Light

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House of Light
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StateKingdom of Froturn
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The House of Light is the residence of Froturn's royla family, the main military center and also the greatest titanist church in Froturn. Despite being one building, the air is always clean, as there are many windows, vents, artificial cannals and green space.



A huge gate that is large enough for a siege tower to fit, made out of hard steel, resisting lots of things, with most parts also being plated with gold and silver. Right next to the gate is a chain, which, when pulled sounds a bell, which wakes up the watchman. Those who don't look noble enough are only let in, if they provide a good reason.


A huge hall. Thanks to magic, there is always light. Almost everything looks lemon-yellow or orange. The ground is made out of yellow tiles. There are many "mini parks" with beautiful flowers and trees here, as well as well-hidden air ducts and beautiful windows.

Church part

The church part of the House of Light. A huge cathedral built into the palace, usually accessible only to nobles, except when a royal is getting married. Many claim that this is the most beautiful place in the whole world.


A library, containing books about Light Magic, some ancient scrolls that are very hard to find, all kinds of dictionaries, history books and maps. The bookshelves are made out of gold-plated steel, while under the books is velvet. There are plenty of seats and tables for those hungry for knowledge.

Living quarters

Throne room



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