House of Dracfold

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House of Dracfold
Noble house
Dracfold Coa.svg
Coat of Arms of the House of Dracfold
CountryKingdom of Etrand
TitlesGrand County of Dracfold
Founded~200 BEKE or before
Final rulerCairbré VI of Dracfold
Dissolution718 AEKE
Cadet branchesHouse of Hengist

The House of Dracfold - also known as Dracfolden (Etrandish: Dracfolden ; IPA: [d̥ɾɑkfɔldɛn], meaning "of Dracfold") was a noble family in Etrand. The house itself predated the formation of the Kingdom of Etrand. The most famous member of the house was Aelfwaird of Dracfold, the pagan anti-king during the first century of the kingdom's existence. The House of Hengist - ruling family of Etrand between 71 and 145 AEKE - was a cadet branch of the House of Dracfold - while the Hengistid dynasty is extinct, its cadet branch House Osriking still survives (making it the cadet branch of a cadet branch).


Rebellion and reconciliation

Extinction and legacy

The last male member of the family was Cairbré VI of Dracfold, who died in battle during Etrandish Succession War of 718, rendering the House of Dracfold legally extinct. The Grand County of Dracfold was inherited by Dáyen Claeth, who was married to Cairbré's sister Alachéna, passing the grand county into the hands of the House of Claeth. Despite having the option to do so, the new rulers of Dracfold did not change the coat of arms of their new domain out of respect for its previous owners who ruled it for seven centuries.

The House of Dracfold is remembered as the longest-lasting major family in Etrandish politics, with only the still-exant House of Tondbert falling behind as second in terms of longevity (as of 831, House Tondbertling needs to stay exant for only 32 years to overtake the House of Dracfold in terms of longevity).

The dynasty is best remembered for both its aforementioned long lifespan, as well as the actions of its early members, most notably Aelfwaird of Dracfold.

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