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High Elven clothing is the traditional attire of the High Elves of Froturn.

Everyday clothing

Everyday clothing is - as can be expected - rather simplistic and (at least design-wise) doesn't vary much accross class boundaries: sure the rich may wear clothes made out of finer materials (such as silk and velvet instead of linen and hemp), with more colours and complex patterns (rather than the simplistic one-coloured clothes of the less affluent) and additional jewelry, but the overall designs remain basically identical.

The clothing of both urban and rural males consists of short pants and socks serving as underwear, a simple (usually undyed) shirt and trousers worn over them, with the top layer being a loose-fitting robe or kaftan held together by a leather belt (effectively a shorter and thicker version of the yukata or bathrobe, but held together by a leather belt instead of a fabric one, adapted for outdoors usage). This belt serves double-duty, also keeping the aforementioned trousers in place. In addition to the aforementioned socks, the preferred footwear of choice is nearly always leathers boots. The main difference between urban and rural male attire is the fact, that urban males wear robes with long sleeves, while their rural brethren wear sleeveless robes. Additionally, urban males typically do not wear any headgear, while their rural brethren - especially if they are farmers - wear bandanas to stave off heat and moisture.

The clothing of urban and rural females is slightly more divergent than that of the male counterparts: they both wear relatively long socks, panties, brassiere and an undershirt, but this is where the similarities end. Female urban High Elves wear belt-held robes very similar to their male counterparts (though slightly longer to compensate for the lack of trousers) and a beret (unless they wear a tiara or headband); female rural High Elves instead wear a two-piece dress consisting of a separate skirt and a bodice or sweater, as well as a bandana very similar to the one worn by their male counterparts. In contrast with the boot-wearing men, women tend to wear smaller shoes.

High Elves never had a modesty-culture that would have compelled their women to wear any kind of head-covering. The instistance of rural women to wear bandanas is largely a matter of function and convenience (just like what their men do), while the berets worn by urban women started out as a fashion choice that - by virtue of being mainstream for a very long period of time - over time became "traditional".

Ritual clothing