Héli Calbae

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Héli Calbae
Vampire Death Knightess.png
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Vital statistics
Race Human Vampire
Class Death Knight
Birth 18th of Eregamandil, 759 AEKE; Etrand
Death 13th of Rasaalu, 829 AEKE; Etrand
Age 70 in Artograchian years,
71 in Terran years (at the time of death)
Apparent Age:
26 years
Religion none (atheist)
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Héli Calbae (Etrandish: Héli Calbae ; IPA: [heɪ̯lɪ‿kʰɒlbɐɪ̯] Gnome-speakernotes.png) was an Etrandish Vampire Death Knight best known for partnership and association with Ria Baeni, as well as being involved in the murder of Hlaford Paratus and being killed by his apprentice Stephánus Tavilrond, just like her associate Baeni.


Early life

Héli Calbae was born on 18th of Eregamandil, 759 AEKE, as the first daughter of the nobleman Wygair Calbae (Etrandish: Wygair Calbae ; IPA: [wʏgɛːɹ‿kʰɒlbɐɪ̯]) and his wife Aerava Carsai (Etrandish: Aerava Carsai ; IPA: [ɐɪ̯ɾɑvɐ‿kʰɒɹsɐɪ̯]). Being the firstborn daughter of the family, it was planned that - unless a boy was also born in the future - she would be given similiar education to that of a boy, and then expected to marry materlinearly, so that her children may inherit the family name Calbae, and the estate with it, continuing the Calbae line on.

Therefore, it comes to no surprise that by the time Héli was eight years old, she got enlisted into the Order of the Emerald Tulip, in which her education would begin. One year later, her mother Aerava Carsai died in an accident near the estate's hall - after a year of mourning, Héli's father Wygair remarried, choosing the young noblewoman named Audoverra Whong (Etrandish: Audoverra Whong ; IPA: [ɐʊ̯dɔvɛrːɐ‿ʍɔŋ]), who bore the nobleman three more children: one son and two daughters.

Stripped of the prospect of inheriting her father's estate once he dies, Héli began to grow a bit of resentment towards her family, and began tooking her duties as a knightess seriously, making sure her education would be more successful. When she was seventeen years old, her father wanted to force her to abandon the order in order to get married, but Héli rejected her father's "unrefusable offer", and - with the support of the rest of the order - continued walking the path she has already started, as a knightess.

When she was 21 years old - in 781 -, she became a full-on Knightess.

Face-Heel Turn

It was in 785 - when Calbae was 26-years old - when Ria Baeni defeated Héli in combat, turning her into a vampire and forcing her to be her apprentice, beginning 44 years of partnership, though truth be told, Baeni has been watching Calbae ever since 783.

Partnership with Ria Baeni

Final Death